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Monday, 22 August 2011

Durian anyone?

For the last 2 days, I had durians for dinner. They were so yummy and I was told nutritious too eg. it was reported to lower the bad cholesterol, even act as an aphrodisiac and blah blah......
Sure it would be yucky for those who are not durian fans. As for me, I simply love this King of the fruits.
I still have some left in my fridge which I will eat as dessert this afternoon.....want some? ...hello chilled durians taste better leh.
My wife thought I was crazily in love with durians. I explained to her when I was a kid my family couldn't afford to buy much durians for us (me and siblings). At most, during the durian season, each one of us would have only a piece. Now since I can afford, I would buy the best (mountain cat is it?) and eat to my stomach's content. Hey with durian, you could poo poo easily but mind you the whole toilet would smell of rotten durian...hahaha. So take note for those constipators, my advice is eat durians and lots of them and give your asses a break....hehehe.
Guess what? Having durians for dinner (and nothing else ok ?) made me lose weight too. Not much la but about 1 kg each day for the last 2 days.
Wonder our anti-curry new Singaporeans can tahan the smell of durians let alone eat them...hahaha?
If you want to have a Durian party email me ok? Who knows we might be able to convince our new citizens to more "Singaporeans" and multi racial in their views. Wah with such understanding and consideration, I can actually stand for our presidential election. Wah lau if I become the President, I would transform the surrounding area of the Istana into a durian plantation. On public holidays, I would invite my citizens to feast on durains for free (PRs and foreigners have to pay). In this manner, I could promote racial integration and harmony in Singapore. So please don't forget to vote for me this Saturday....hmmm remember simply give a tick next to my name which is "Tan"........I bet you a million to one  the next president WILL be a Tan!


Anonymous said...

Hannifah would love to have you in his Malaysian durian plantation..Pay him RM 40 and you can eat till your ass content lol

Fruity said...

Hahaha.... transform Istana into durian plantation? President 6 years.... durian tree needs more than 6 years to bear fruit.
BT, btw do you know that durian is high in calorie?
1 seed is about 100 cal, so it is very fattening. Although I like it, I dun dare eat it.

Boh Tong said...

Fruity ya la i forgot durian tree takes that long to bear fruit. But be a president for 2 terms like Nathan ma.

High in calories...true but when u have durain then dun eat anything else...i lost 1 kg per day and my BP is down...hahaha

Maggie said...

Ooo I luv the king of fruits

Angel said...

BT doing charity? aiyah don't wayang please.

Boh Tong said...

Angel, over here we r talking about DURIANS and not about WAYANG....wayang is in the cinema la...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Has any one sneaked durian into SQ flight?

Boh Tong said...

so far no durain found on passengers/flights