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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Edmond visited me in his Limo

Edmond is one of the few ex-colleagues I still keep in touch. He now works for http://www.lotuslimos.com a limo company in Singapore. The owner of the limo company
also owns this http://www.indochine.com.sg/home/locsingapore-wfwaterfront.php an upmarket
dinning chain and resorts in Singapore,Jakarta, Hamburg and Phuket. (Ed correct me if I am wrong).
Edmond drove one of the limos (like the one above) to pay his last respect to my mom recently. My family and friends were touched by his gesture and presence.

Before the visit, Edmond would usually buy us lunches and dinners at the Indochine Restaurant in Holland Village . He still invite us till this day.
The last time we were invited for a nice dinner at IndoChine was a few weeks before my mom's passing. We had a great time. VJ, Meng How, Adrian Oei, Thomas, myself and Edmond was there till almost midnite. We had a great time.
Edmond has invited us for a grand limo ride around S'pore to be followed by a dinner. This time, we promised him we would foot the bill.

Thank you Edmond,may you have a great Sunday and a blessed week ahead.


Car Lover said...

Wah, Edmond can make use of the limousine when he is not chauffering customers?

boh tong said...

Car Lover, Edmond was on the way to pick up his boss and dropped by my late mother's place. I think he could use the limo with the permission of his boss if not transporting paxs. Btw his boss is his fren actually...so lucky hor?

Joyce said...

wah so luxurious and spacious can i join you all?