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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

He cursed and swore at my ex-colleague

It was Hari Raya yesterday and I was looking for a stall to buy food home when I met a senior steward ( Jim). I knew him quite well when I was working with the airline. Not a bad guy but he has a mouth that can damage your reputation if you antagonised him.

We sat down and in between sips of the coffee I bought him,he was telling how mean some of my ex colleagues were towards him and the crew. We were senior cabin crew whose job was to appraise the crew on their performance besides doing other things like training, admin work etc. He related the abuses hurled on him personally when he flew with them.

One of the worst wrong doings by an ex colleague ( Rick) was the unfair appraisal he gave to this steward. Just because Jim did not lend him money to carry on his gambling in a casino,Rick gave him a bad report.
Jim told me Rick was losing and through a third party asked Jim to lend him some money so he could try and recoup his loses. Jim being a superstitious gambler politely refused to lend.

On the flight back home, Rick gave Jim a hard time on the flight. A bad check report was given to Jim and Jim was hauled to the office after he arrived at S'pore.

Poor Jim, as he was relating the story to me, I could felt the anger in his voice although the incidence happened many years ago.

If you ask me whether Rick was capable of being unfair and vindictive towards Jim, my answer would be a big "Yes". I knew Rick very well after working together for 30+ years.


Anonymous said...

Rick has a big big ego.

Anonymous said...

Rick in RH who is an ass.

CCC said...

was that edie chew?

Anonymous said...

CCC who dare to touch edie chew those days.

Curious Outsider said...

Eddie is god?