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Friday, 26 August 2011

IFS passed away last week.

IFS (Inflight Supervisor is the most senior cabin crew on board SQ flight) A ( dun want to name him as his family may not like it ) died last week after he returned from Dubai flight.
I was told that IFS A was a health freak. He carried weights so he could have a sculptured liked body...u know the one like Rambo. He was strong looking but a lil short ( 168m ). A was an affable type of man. He was kind too. Many liked him.
You see, when A flew back from DXB,he took a few hours nap in the afternoon since he worked all night from DXB to SIN.
After getting up from his nap, he went out jogging in the hot afternoon sun. Well he was kind of used to jogging in the hot and humid weather. He jogged and jogged until he was out of breath. Then he went home.
His home was equipped with exercising machine and weights. As a routine, A started his workout taking a rest.
After about 20 mins, he felt uncomfortable and seconds later, he collapsed and died.
During the post mortem, they found that A had a few heavily clotted arteries. I was told he died from a severed stroke. He was 49 years old and survived by  his wife and 3 children.


Reiko said...

Condolences to his family.
He had lived life to the fullest, enjoying his exercise and his healthy lifestyle, and most of all, he had been well liked by his contemporaries.
It is unfortunate that it was so sudden, but it would have been worse if he were half dead and bed ridden.

Boh Tong said...

u are rite Reiko cos he died fit..haha