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Thursday, 4 August 2011

A tribute to my late Mom by boh tong

My dear old mother, a precious lady
At 95 she told me she was ready
To leave this world is the reality of life
But as her children, we should not cry

For she had gone to a better place
And one day we'll meet her face to face
The Lord is merciful and kind
Our mistakes His eyes have turned blind

Praise God our King Jesus is Lord
Cos at the end of the day, He's all we've got!

BT: When it's my turn to go I would like it to be a straight forward affair. I would prefer to be cremated  without any fuss or funeral. Cremate me asap and throw the asses away and anywhere it's convenient. The main reason for a non fuss and quick cremation is to avoid people visiting me. Many relatives,friends and ex-colleagues do not like to visit wakes but are sort of forced to because of customs or face. They would be present at your wake for the sake of formality too. Who also likes to part their money in the form of contributions to your funeral? So for me it's no wake,no funeral, no obituary and no inconvenience to others.


Anonymous said...

My condolence BT

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear the news.

heartparty said...

heartparty members send condolences.

boh tong said...

Thank u Heart Party members and all for your condolences.

Anonymous said...

BT the medical faculty is short of human bones for medical studies so perhaps you can donate your bones after you have died.

Anonymous said...

May her soul rest in peace.


Boh Tong said...

Karma thanks * sobs *