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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Attempted robberies and robberies during night stops.

Case 1

Over the years crew had been the victims of either attempted robberies or robberies during their stay overseas. Most robberies and violent ones occurred in the USA.
There was a case of 2 male crew who were almost shot dead when they foiled an attempted robbery in Los Angeles.
Bill and Jeff were waiting for the traffic lights to change so they could cross the road back to their hotel. All of a sudden a black man who stood beside them whipped out a gun and pointed and one of them,demanding for the Rolex watch he was wearing. He also demanded the 2 crew emptied their pockets and wallets. All along the robber was pointing and waving the gun at these 2 crew.
Within a second or two, Jeff scooted off and that was when the gunman fired at him. Bill ran away in the opposite direction as fast as he could. The robber fired a couple of shots at the 2 of them, missing them by
an inch or two.
The case was reported to LAPD and the 2 crew were told they were very lucky to have escaped unhurt.

Case 2

Jack was a conceited steward who thought he was god's gift to women. One night while waiting for a cab in Sydney just outside the hotel he was staying, a pretty young Australian lady stopped her huge car and gave Jack a lift. Jack was very happy and told the lady he had wanted to go to Chinatown. She was invited to have a meal with him.
A couple of minutes later, the lady drove the car into an alley,stopped, opened the car door and ran away. The action caught Jack by surprise. Suddenly 3 big fellows with tattoos on their big muscular arms appeared from nowhere and caught hold of Jack. They demanded money. Jack was shocked and was scared to death. At first he refused but one of them strangled (chekek) Jack so badly that Jack threw his wallet to the other 2. They took Jack's wallet which contained about $500 of Australian and foreign currencies. They also took his expensive watch and gold chain he was wearing. Jack was lucky he wasn't hurt.

Case 3

A stewardess was waiting for the lights to change at an inter-junction in LA. It was around noon and the sun was shining although it was a little chilly in the autumn. Janet was humming a song and waiting. All of a sudden, a big black guy came out of his car, grabbed Janet's LV handbag. Janet refused to let go off her expensive LV bag and in the process was dragged along to his car. Screaming on top of her voice with string of cars passing by, no one stopped to help Janet. She reluctantly let go of her handbag because it hurting her badly. The snatcher drove off in high speed with Janet's bag which contained an undisclosed amount of cash and jewelries.

Case 4

Muthu befriended a blondie in San Francisco and invited her for a drink in his hotel room. After having a few drinks Muthu excused himself and went to the toilet . When Muthu came out of the toilet he noticed the blondie had disappeared. Then he realised she had stolen his wallet. A report was made but the blondie was nowhere to be seen.

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