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Friday, 9 September 2011


VK, a senior crew told me this story. He was night stopping in Bangkok when the following incidence took place. While walking back to his hotel, a car pulled up next to him. A Middle Eastern looking man came out of the car and asked VK for direction. VK told him he was a foreigner too and not familiar with the road direction in Bangkok. The stranger was a gentleman looking sort with a polite and cheerful disposition. They chatted for a while and in no time, VK took out his wallet full of S'pore and foreign currencies and showed it to the stranger. The stranger told VK he had never seen the S'pore $50 notes. He politely asked VK whether he could "feel" the other currencies. VK felt the man was a foreigner and it should be fine.
After going through most of the notes in VK's wallet, the stranger thanked VK and left.
A few minutes later back in his hotel room VK was shocked to find that he had  2 S'pore $50 notes as well as some US dollar notes missing.

BT:...Psst! I will be having a drink at a newly open Kopitiam at Fernvale this evening with VK. Will get more stories from him and post them here hehehe.

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