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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Useful tips on Western Dinning Etiquette.

To be a cabin crew, you ought to know at least some of the following western dinning etiquette (do's and don'ts):

  • Before you start eating, place the napkin (the fan-shaped cloth on the main plate) on your lap. Do not use the napkin as a handkerchief or facecloth or use it to clean your cutlery. Please do not button the napkin to your shirt like you see the cowboys do in the movies.
  • Soup is to be spooned away from you and not towards you. It is to be taken with a soup spoon.......( no. 6 in the picture) Please don't drink from your bowl ( ya I know the Japanese do that)
  • The bread is to be broken with your fingers. Do not use knives to cut your bread.
  • Do not dip the bread into the soup or gravy like we usually do with our roti prata (actually more shiok leh...haha)
  • If you use a toothpick, for goodness sake cover your mouth ( don't do what the ah peks usually do at the kopitiam, talking with the toothpick stuck in the open mouth and talk like yaya papaya)
  • Hello, when you chew your food please close your mouth cos no one wants to see that rotten teeth of yours. Also don't make all kind of funny noises when chewing your food ( they got soft background music so no one gonna listen to the noises coming from your mouth)
  • For goodness sake don't talk with food in your mouth.
  • Don't shove more food into your mouth while you are still chewing.
  • Don't be like the Japanese and burp to show appreciation cos it's considered rude.
  • Use fingers for bread and cutlery for your food ok?
  • Please lah don't play with your cutlery or use them to  make your point at the dinning table.
  • If you are not comfortable with the above then you should eat at the kopitiams or hawker center where you are at liberty to do whatever you like.....hahaha.
  • Bon Appetit
Don't follow examples below:


    Uncouth said...

    I rather have my meals at the hawker stalls, no formality and can "kak pui" too.

    Anonymous said...

    Uncouth u are so disgusting!

    Mr.ED said...

    What ETIQUETTE you talking about,I have been eating like a horse in the galley for so many years,the only thing I know is E ticketing.

    Anonymous said...

    Only cheapskates eat in aircraft all the time.

    Mama's boy said...

    Anonymous said...
    Only cheapskates eat in aircraft all the time.
    You nebber listen to ur mama.
    Didn't ur mama tell u not to waste food.