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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Emirates interviewers doing a better job?

In July this year, I had a different experience during the Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment campaign organized by Sass Atlantic.
I credit and appreciate Emirates and Sass Atlantic for making it a positive experience, even though I was unsuccessful.
The Recruitment Officers from Emirates were professional, encouraging and kind throughout the selection process.
Sass Atlantic staffers provided invaluable assistance and guidance to all candidates.

In sharing my experiences, I wish to highlight that any job interview should be the candidate's platform to promote himself and his qualities that make him suitable for the job and the interview decorum should be in accordance with the company's image. If the job interview isn't properly conducted, how will the company suss-out the best candidate for the job. Some candidates for airline jobs may become the target market or potential passengers of the airline they interviewed with. The interview experience will affect how the candidate perceives the airline in future. If SIA doesn't address these issues, I'm concerned they'll lose out to competitors.

BT: An email from a cabin crew wannabe regarding the experience of an interview with EK.


cabin crew wannabe said...

Ya think they are more cool than SQ who are generally old fashioned,in particular the called "beautician"

Anonymous said...

SQ interviewers sucks. I attended a interview with SQ and was "put down" in the 2nd rd but the management rd people were more polite (they were older).