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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Was she guilty?

Joe, a retired senior crew made it a habit to switch off his mobile phone before he went off to sleep each night. This was one rare occasion when he had forgotten.
The persistent ringing from his mobile woke Joe up. It was too early in the morning for anyone to call him.
Still in a daze Joe reluctantly answered the call. A faint voice of a somewhat frightened girl was on the other end. "Joe I am in deep trouble.." Amy cried out to Joe. "Who's that ?" Joe asked. "It's me Amy the stewardess from  New Delhi " came the reply. "Oh ok what's the problem Amy? " Joe asked inquisitively.
"I am locked up in the police station, I didn't do it...I didn't do it Joe...please help me " Amy pleaded with Joe.
The evening before the above episode, Amy was spending her time in her room,smoking her Marlboro Red almost non stop. She was a chain smoker and had adopted the habit from her boyfriend whom she had left behind in India. They were planning to get married when Amy turned 21. But first thing first, Amy wanted to acquired the experiences of a stewardess with the world's best airline before settling down. She had wanted, after leaving the airline to run her own restaurant business.
Feeling lonely  and with her two other flatmates away on flights, Amy decided to go down to the city and do a little bit of shopping and then eat dinner.
Amy hopped into a cab and in less than twenty minutes she had arrived at her destination. The cab meter showed the fare of $8. Amy fished out a ten dollar bill from her purse, handed it to the cabby and told him to keep the change.
The way in which Amy walked and her looks turned many men's heads. She was absolutely voluptuous with a 36-24-36 figure. She had big brown eyes with long black silky hair. She would have been a Bollywood actress if not for her father who had venomously objected. He knew better than to let her daughter be an actress because he was an actor himself in his hey days.
After a delicious fiery curry mutton dinner, Amy went into a large departmental store to do her shopping.
She was looking for some cosmetic products which was quite cheap here as  compared to the ones back home. Amy knew it would be a big and happy surprise for her mother with the cosmetics she would buy for her.
After an hour of walking around and looking at all kinds of beauty products, Amy left the store hurriedly to answer a phone call. The phone reception inside the store was bad and she could hardly hear the voice on the other end. She exited the store with the objective of a getting a  better phone reception.
She talked on her mobile phone for a minute or two and hung up. By then a horde of security personnel from the store surrounded her. She was apprehended for having in her shopping bag items that were not paid.
She was handed over to the police and charged for shoplifting.
Amy was kept in the police station until the next morning when she was allowed to make two free phone calls. The first call was to her boy friend in India and the second one was to Joe.
On receiving the news, Joe flagged a cab and headed for the police station where Amy was detained.
On seeing Joe, Amy ran towards him and hugged him, crying unstoppably.
Amy confided in Joe that she had no intention of stealing or not paying for the cosmetics. It was an oversight on her part due to the phone call but no one believed her story.
The police officer in charge of Amy's case made Joe sign a few documents and released her on a $5,000 bail which was posted by Joe.
Within the next few weeks, Amy was convicted of theft and fined $2,000. It was a small price to pay as she could have been fined and jailed at the same time. To add to Amy's "good" fortune, the press were not present at all the hearings and trail. There was zero publicity on this case which was pretty unusual as it involved a stewardess with a reputable airline.
After the conviction, Amy flew for another two years and left the airline.


Former Klept said...

She was a Kleptomaniac lah BT.

boh tong said...

Not sure she was a klept but it could be a genuine mistake.