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Friday, 18 November 2011

How to take a bath in Japan hot spring or onsen.

Some of the crew love to soak themselves in the hot spring in Japan during their night stops but
aren't aware of the dos and don'ts. Here, I have come up with a few rules. Remember those with
tattoos on their bodies aren't allowed into public hot spring. In Japan, they have hot springs which
allow people with tattoos but they would often be occupied by the Yakuzas or gangsters cos they
too, often than not have their bodies tattooed ( they tattooed themselves cos of gang identification
and not for "stylo-milo" like our crew)

1) Your clothes should be taken off in the changing room and place them into a basket together with your bath towel.
2)You have to be nude. It is customary to bring a small towel into the bathing area, with which you can enhance your privacy while outside of the water. Once you enter the bath, keep the towel out of the water.
3)Rinse your body with water from either a tap or the bath using a washbowl provided in the bathing area. Traditionally, just rinsing your body is considered sufficient (and many older baths do not even provide showers and soap), but particularly among younger bathers you will find an increasing number of people who insist on taking a shower before entering the bath these days.
4)Enter the bath and soak for a while. Note that the bath water can be very hot (typical temperatures are 40 to 44 degrees). If it feels too hot, try to enter very slowly and move as little as possible.
5)After soaking for a while, get out of the bath and wash your body with soap at a water tap, while sitting on a stool. Soap and shampoo are provided in some baths. Like in private Japanese bathrooms, make sure that no soap gets into the bath water. Tidy up your space after you finished cleaning your body.
6)Re-enter the bath and soak some more.
7)After you finished soaking, do not rinse your body with tap water, for the hot spring water's minerals to have full effect on your body.


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