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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mr Quek Ying Chong the murdered school teacher.

Mr Quek taught me till 1959 in Geylang English (Primary) School. He was the one that I have circled in the photo below.
He was a kind man who would give pocket money to some of my classmates who were very poor. He used to buy English newspaper for the class to read so we could improve our English. Many of us liked Mr Quek but we were also afraid of him whenever he loses his temper. If we misbehaved ourselves, he would either pull our ears or give us a big tight slap across our faces.
We were young boys then and could barely be considered as teenagers. We loved to play as well as fight among ourselves. Each time we fought and if caught we would be punished by Mr Quek.
One of my classmates hated Mr Quek so much that he once punctured the tyres of his Morris Minor.
Mr Quek was killed by the acid that was thrown at him when he was the principal of a school in the 1960s.
I have no contact with his family but I understand he was married at the time of his death. I really hope to meet his family members one of these days and tell them how much I appreciate him for being kind to most of us.


Anonymous said...

He was a man of principle and that was the reason he was killed by the cowardly thugs.

Anonymous said...

It happened some 50 yrs ago and his killers are roasting in hell by now.