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Friday, 25 November 2011

Murder in cabin crew, one or two only lah.

To prove his love for her, Chinese national Wang Zhijian got a picture of his girlfriend Zhang Meng tattooed on his back in May 2007, when they were both in Tianjin.
Sixteen months later, he is alleged to have killed Madam Zhang in a frenzied attack in her Yishun flat in Singapore. She was found with 44 knife wounds....more here
There were cases of suicides,fights,hair pulling,blackmail etc in cabin crew over love affair,money and jobs etc as well as one prominent case of murder involving a Taiwanese stewardess.
The was one involving an ex chief stewardess who is serving time in Changi Prison for causing the death of her lover's 4 year old daughter.
Cases of suicides involved a captain who jumped to his death over huge gambling debt, another pilot who killed himself because his stewardess girlfriend jilted him and a trainee steward who committed suicide after he was fired from his job for falsely declaring that he was never involved in taking drug.
We hope that none of the above would ever happened in cabin crew again. 


Stories From The Air said...

Murder in Cabin Crew. I am afraid there were quite a number.

How about the killing of a TWN stewardess by a Malay crew member and the still open case regarding a playboy supervisor?

Suicides: there are many as well. And others...

boh tong said...

the still open case regarding a playboy supervisor...

BT: nebber heard about this one