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Monday, 14 November 2011

My classmate David, a spoilt brat.

David, CS and I were classmates in Geylang English School. David was from a upper middle class family whereas CS and I were from a lower middle class family. David had almost everything a primary school kid would have....lots of pocket money, chauffeured driven in a big Cadillac and a nanny to look after him. CS and I were given 10 cts as our daily pocket money. Compared to David, CS and I were considered poor.
David was a spoilt child and he got his way with the teachers and principal of the school. The teachers and principal were afraid of his father who was influential and wealthy. David was a bully in school and wasn't that bright compared to other kids. No one dared to challenge him, be it in sports, general knowledge etc.
One fine day, CS and I had enough of David's nonsense. I challenged him to a fight after school. He agreed and CS was the referee.
After school was over, we went behind the school to a small field which was known as our "battle ground".
There, David and I roughed it out. Mid way through the fight, realizing he was losing, David whipped out a pen knife and charged at me. Fortunately for me, CS caught hold of David and warned him not to use the knife. He kicked CS in the groin and he fell to the ground. At that point of time, I managed to stranglehold David and forced him to drop his knife.
Seeing he was held by me, an angry CS punched David in the face. The punch was so powerful that David was sent crashing to the ground. When he got up there was blood oozing from his nose. It would have been worse for David had it  not been for the school gardener who stopped us from walloping David further.
Next day, David came to school with his dad. A complaint was lodged with the school principal. CS and I was subsequently caned by the principal for the fight.
We went to different secondary schools after our PSLE. David and CS went to some average secondary schools while I went to RI, one of the tops schools in S'pore. We lost contact until I met CS at SIA catering kitchen. In my earlier story, I mentioned that CS was murdered in Holland.
Thirty years after the fight with David, I met him. He looked gaunt but I could still recognized him. He did not look like a rich kid anymore. We were in our early 40s.
David related to me how he was kicked out of school because of poor results. He ran away from home after his dad passed away. David led a sheltered life and without his dad he was like a lost sheep. He couldn't find a proper job and was involved in gangland activities. He became a pimp in Geylang at one time but fell out of favour with his boss. He wanted to borrow  a few grands from me but I did not lend him as I knew he would gambled at the races and lost. David's dad would have been left with a broken heart had he knew what had happened to his son.

The last I heard David was serving time in Changi Prison for credit card fraud. If he is still alive he would be about the same age as me....65 lah!


Anonymous said...

Too much pampering is bad for your kids.

Anonymous said...

BT, u boleh!
Your hard life in the past has made you a successful person now.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks a zillion whoever u are for ur wonderful comment.

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