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Saturday, 12 November 2011

My classmate from GES, a SIA Catering Assistant and a murdered teacher.

Above: 2nd from left front row was Miss Kathleen Lee,my primary 1 teacher 1954. 3rd from the right last row was Mr. Quek Ying Chong my Pr. 6 form master 1959

CS and I attended the Geylang English School from 1954 to 1959. He used to live at Lorong 17, Geylang, a place infested with thugs and gangsters. I remember visiting CS at a coffee shop owned by his body tattooed father called Ah Kow at Lorong 17.
We spent 6 years in the primary school. After our PSLE, we went separate ways to different secondary schools.
In 1968 I joined the airline as a flight steward. At the airline training school, I met CS who was working as a catering assistant. The cabin crew training school was situated in the same building as the airline catering and kitchen at Paya Lebar.
CS did not have the necessary educational qualification to be a cabin crew and so the next best thing was for him to be a catering assistant. I remember CS used to ride his powerful Norton motor bike to work. He was a handsome looking young lad but aggressive in many ways as he was when in school. He was a fighter to the core. I remember we were caned by our school principal for beating up David another classmate.
CS used to fly to Holland whenever he could obtain his leave from work. He did many trips to Holland from 1971 to 1973 (  as an employee of the airline he had free and discounted air tickets every year). At first I thought he had a girl friend in Holland but later I was told he was involved in the drug business there.For a week, he did not report for work.Later, his body was found floating in a river in Holland, apparently died of a gunshot wound in his head. I was told he was killed by a rival group.Years later, I met another classmate of ours from Geylang English School. He related to me how and why CS was killed. It seemed, the killing was an act of revenge for gunning down the head of the rival gang by CS a year earlier.
The death of CS took a toll on his father's health and within a few months, Ah Kow fell ill and died.

BT:  Mr Quek (circled) was murdered by people (unknown) who threw acid in his face and body. The suspect/s was never arrested. It was believed he prohibited illegal hawkers from selling their wares near the school and they were angry with him and consequently killed him. It happened in the 1960s.


Anonymous said...

Wah BT u still got the 1956 pics?

Anonymous said...

BT, you got any primary school photos of yourself? I guess photos were hard to come by at that time when there was barely enough to eat.

Boh Tong said...

Sori la like u said barely enough to eat where got camera those days...only my rich classmates got cameras...will ask them to provide the pics hor?

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