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Saturday, 3 December 2011

3 December (today) cabin crew interview.

Yes, there is a walk-in interview for SIA cabin crew at the Sheraton Tower Hotel today. Yes, many will attend, perhaps a thousand or more. Yes, many will leave Sheraton Tower disappointed. The beneficiary would ultimately be the nearby Newton hawker centre, the Newton MRT,the hotel itself which the thousand of wannabes will patronised. Undoubtedly many more will benefit from the interview exercise including the taxi service. But who would be the main losers? The answer is the many wannabes!
Sure a handful of wannabes would rejoice. They are the lucky ones because they are being selected to be the cabin crew of the world's finest airlines. The rest of the thousands will go home feeling disappointed and dejected. Some will finally contact me to find out when is my next seminar and how to buy my e-guide. They don't wanna be disappointed again should there be another interview. At a time like this, many will email or contact me to ask for a shoulder to cry on. To them my reply is, don't give up but try again because SIA is terribly short of cabin crew. There will always be vacancies and interviews,month after month.
If one has tried on many occasions and failed miserably then it's time to ask what's wrong with oneself. "Was it because of the way I conducted myself at the interviews or was it due to my inadequacies?" etc etc.
Go and find the answers and help from people who knows. Don't just sit there and wait for as you get older the harder it will be for you to achieve your goals.


Anonymous said...

I am only 1.56... will I ever be selected? :(


Anonymous said...

Try Venus Air cos they aren't choosy.

Anonymous said...


another good story.