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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wah SIA is looking for Indonesian girls again.

Interviews will be conducted on 07 January 2012 (Saturday) and 21 January 2012 (Saturday) at: Service Quality (SQ) Centre Indonesia Wisma Asia Lt 15 Jl Letjen S. Parman Kav 79, Slipi Jakarta 11420 Registration will be from: 9am to 12pm Click SIA for details


Stories From The Air said...

So many girls here who can work and speak better English and even Mandarin, why should they go to Indonesia?

They wanna make our "Ah Lians" the Indonesians' maids or what?

"Ah Lians" speak better English and Mandarin than Indonesians.

Anonymous said...

True blue singaporeans cannot serve anymore.

They are too high browed and cannot take the demands of customers.
You can spend hours & hours of training them to smile with poise but you can never succeed in getting them to serve from the heart.

In less than 2 years of flying, they will report sick and choose flights. Singaporeans are not hungry enough.. maybe hungry for brand new car and condo.

Furthermore, they will give management big headaches when they know too much and excercise their "rights"

Basically, management have more control over other nationalities compared to Singaporeans.
There are more pull factors.

Stories From The Air said...

If you offer the job to someone which wants the job, they will value it. Those with less education like the "Ah Lians" for example.

The Indonesian girls are not more hardworking than our local girls and even if they are graduates, they are not smarter or speak better.

There is no reason to recruit them unless they can accept half the pay a local is getting.

Anonymous said...

GOSH THE NEW crews are getting uglier like never before, stop recruiting from other part of the words i believe SQ will welcome back more customers. this is singapore airlines, not singapore international airlines

Anonymous said...

i guess that lots of you don't know that SIA has got indonesian pilots too! Indonesia's SIA's biggest premium market. See how many Indonesians populate SIA's First and Business Class.

Hem2mars said...

Indonesian girls ain't that bad, you are so racist singaporean people. :(