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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Good suggestions by my readers.

Uncle BT, Midiacorp should invite you as a consultant to make a series of SIA show, with each episode featuring one of your blog's real stories. I am sure the rating will be very high.

True. Will love a tv show on channel 8 telling the stories of SIA. Maybe can boost biz for SIA.

Above comments were from my readers. Each topic that I have blogged has a story behind it. I could further elaborate and give details of the story eg  the story of Theo the pretty but unlucky setwardess  and make it into a movie or documentary.
It does not have to be MediaCorp but anyone who is interested.


Kim said...

Uncle I will be the first to watch your movie. Ask Jack Neo to make your stories into a movie.

boh tong said...

Thanks Kim unfortunately no one want my stories.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah BT writing your book was good enough lah. Wah lau still want to be a movie director or wat?

boh tong said...

Hello i din say i wanna be a director ok? I was merely saying it will be good if someone wanna make my stories into a movie.Pls la dun anyhow write nonsense here...haha