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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The "business minded" chief pursers

Yesterday I talked about the flight attendants of Q Air who made sideline money through the illegal carriage of goods and disposing them in JKT. I have also mentioned briefly about the 2 chief pursers who headed the operations of all illegal activities on the A310. I named them as "A" and "B".

"A" and "B" had volunteered to stay put on the A310 fleet even though they were earning much lesser than their colleagues on the B747s. The system in Q Air was such that the more junior crew (in various ranks) would have to serve their time on the smaller A310 fleet. This meant they would earn less than their B747 colleagues. After a stint of 1 to 2 years (depending on the requirement of crew on the B747), these A310 crew would be "promoted" to the B747s.
The B747 flight patterns covered night stop destinations like LON, AMS, PAR,FRA,CPH and most part of Europe. It also covered stations in the USA, Japan, Australia and Asia.

There was a big disparity of the take home pay between the A310 and B747 cabin crew and it could be as much as $3,000 per month. Therefore, most if not all the crew looked forward to be "promoted" to the B747s. But for "A" and "B", they were not keen on the "promotion". They had better and more innovative ways of making money on the A310.

"A", not only headed the illegal operations of gold and contraband goods smuggling but also ran the biggest loan sharking operation in cabin crew. He also foresaw the running of the largest horse punting activities in the airline.
"A" started his sideline activities after he befriended a few notoriously wealthy passengers on his flights. These passengers acquired their wealth mainly through illegal trades. They were well educated people who had strong connection with the underworld. In fact a few of them were the "underworld" themselves.

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Anonymous said...

means new crew only start out in A310?

Boh Tong said...

ya that was in the 1980s

Anonymous said...

i heard about team flying. when did they stop it?

Boh Tong said...

Team flying was stopped some years ago.

Anonymous said...

Took the management "AGES" to realize that Team flying is "BAD"

NEVER in favour of team flying.

As usual management will not be interested in your feedback.

Took them more than a decade to realize.

Wonder where are their brains?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to pull strings to be a sia cabin crew?

Anonymous said...

Pay $$ can pull string

ex crew said...

why is team flying bad? i think team flying forges a set of crew closer and builds close friendship, instead of meeting random people every flight.

Anonymous said...

"ex crew said...
why is team flying bad? i think team flying forges...."

If it's good, team flying would still exist today.

Anonymous said...

so why did team flying stop? did alot of crew complain?

Anonymous said...

Team flying created more problems.


Anonymous said...

what problems did team flying create?

Anonymous said...

Someone tell me pls! Im not in the industry