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Friday, 2 August 2013

Trainee steward was charged in court....continues

A warrant of arrest was served on Jill for not appearing in court to answer charges for making a false police report in which she claimed that her ex lover Lim had spike her drinks and raped her.

Before the warrant of arrest was served on her, Jill slipped through immigration and fled to Thailand. She had a lover living in a place called Phuket and he was willing to shelter her. He was a Russian by the name of Nikita. He made his money selling weapons to the Muslim insurgents fighting the Thai government in Southern Thailand.

In Phuket, Nikita owned a few pubs which were used as a front to launder his ill-gotten money. Jill met him while he was holidaying in Malaysia. Nikita had a liking for fair Chinese looking women and Jill suited his taste. They had a sexual relationship. Nikita was strong and handsome but wasn't as young as Lim. Jill's relationship with Nikita started well before she met Lim. Overall, Jill preferred the young Lim to Nikita. But then she still maintain her relationship with Nikita just in be continued.

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