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Thursday, 26 September 2013

               Will IFS Param be suing the LS? Read more.

                Alleged Kovan double murderer's father....Read this blog


Lawyer said...

You bet Param will take legal suit against the writer. It will be a defamation suit in which the writer will lose.
Not sure about SIA's position but it will be totally negative for SIA.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Param who was on DI for some offences and was grounded for some time in the office some years ago ?

Anonymous said...

It was someone else. This IFS has a good standing in the eyes of the management.

Boh Tong said...

Param used to assist me in training the newbies esp in practical training in the aircraft mock-ups. He was efficient and meticulous. It's true he has a good standing in the eyes of cc management.

Anonymous said...

Param suing?? For what? Philip should be suing him instead.

Anonymous said...

He may have a good standing in the eyes of the mgmt, who are generally short sighted especially if you're a boot licker.

Anonymous said...

dont forget ss was management too.
so, of course param looks good... yeah.. he looks good in dim light with a match stick lit.

Anonymous said...

BT he looked good to you because he was your subordinate. A sycophant will always look good in the eyes of his superiors but when he has achieved what he had gone out to achieve, his true colours will surface and one had better not be his subordinate.
The test of a good leader is not to intimidate people into doing a task but to cause them to want to help you get the work done because you care for them.
It's all about creating relationships.
A charlatan will always look and sounds convincing.

Anonymous said...

O Dear O Dear ! There are soooo many of such people, even 20 years down the road !It will still be the same !

Anonymous said...

Well said! Knowledge without character has nothing to shout about. Leaders with scarcity mentality have a hard time sharing recognition and credit. They also have tough time being genuinely happy for the success of the other people. In today's world, companies are successful not because of their ideas or strategies but their leadership. All these happened is a great example of bad leadership.

Also, why different threads are created to discuss about "suing" philip? Trying to stir more shit I guess.. hahaha