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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sad to see this stewardess leave

Jane was one of my best workshop participants. She got into SIA after my coaching. This is her second year flying but has decided to leave for greener pasture. She told me she was "thankful and happy to have had the stewardess job". And also thanked me for " helping me get my dream job".
She told me she hoped I will always be her "god father".

Many like Jane leave even before completing the first 5 year contract with SIA.
Perhaps, Jane didn't want to tell me the real reason or reasons why she is leaving in such a hurry. I understand she wasn't feeling too good lately. She, I was told sustained some injuries on board and that could have forced her to leave.

I do not want to go into details why so many crew leave. However, as far as I know the job is getting tougher by the day. Passengers are more demanding than ever before. They make the crew sweat for every single cent they pay for their passage. The rosters are getting tighter and crew are getting lesser off days overseas and at home. Full service carriers (FSC) like SIA are drastically cutting cost in the face of fierce competition from both budget as well as the heavily subsidised Middle Eastern Airlines.

To me, airline business is a sunset industry. I won't recommend people buying airline shares anymore.

This was the email she sent to me in 2011 after her success at the SQ cabin crew interview:

Dear Mr Tan,

Good day to you.

I passed all rounds of the SIA interview in Dec 2011 after buying your programme and going through 1 to 1 coaching.
It was my 5th attempt after groping in the dark previously.  You're the only person who said you can help and actually helped until I was successful.
For that, I'm very grateful.  
Thank you very much, Mr Tan!


Anonymous said...

SIA cabin service is deteriorating and its passengers deserve every bit of it. Management is to blame for low crew morale. They run the airlines like a fast food joint. More are resigning.This stewardess should have waited for the 13th month and bonus in Jan.

I wanna be an SQ Gal said...

Good riddance. More should leave and we will more chances. Been to 10 interviews but did not make it but now as more leave SQ I would stand a better chance. I do not mind working for half the salary.

Anonymous said...

These sad stories from CC and more are truly a sorry state of affairs. Remember last year on vacation from SIN to US and back home. Got to meet a set of crew posn LAX/SIN on EY seats. Managed to chat with them and they said the same thing...tight ops pattern, reduced NS and working under pressure like everyone is suspiscious of each other.

Anonymous said...

cabin crew is not to be blames,
we shouldnt blame passengers for demanding as our company promise but did not deliver. Mgt must take full blame for all these. Promise passengers from A-Z but does not want to give us crew the tools to do it. MR BT, I MUST TELL YOU A JOKE:
recently i did a narita ns. ON the MENU card SIA print until very big big...its a improved sleeper service for JCL..passengers can CHOOSE TO EAT NOW , LATER OR BOTH MEALS...there are 30 pax load...but meals catered is MR BT...even if crew are superman superwoman...we cannot come out with magic...lets say 10 out of 30 wan to eat both..where to find? And it is JCL...lastly..IMPROVED SLEEPER SERVICE...sounds very nice..but still crew complement same...FLEXY DINING WITH NO EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS TO EXECUTE....

5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

I wanna be an SQ Gal said...
Good riddance. More should leave and we will more chances. Been to 10 interviews but did not make it but now as more leave SQ I would stand a better chance. I do not mind working for half the salary.

Ha ha ha ....i sincerely hope you can get in....after you fly for 2 years...please tell me the same thing .
Hopefully, good luck.

5 years flying junior

kenna sai said...

Flying as a pilot or flight attendant is no longer a good job.

Companies are very watchful over costs.
In the past, technology was a barrier to flying non stop to Europe. That is why the crew could relax and enjoy playing tennis in DXB/AUH/BAH.. even get a nice sun tan!

We also had to stop in HON ( Hawaii ) for 2 nights on the way to mainland USA and another 2 nights on the way back. Then another 3 nights in HKG.

There is no such work schedule anymore because planes can fly further and faster without refueling.
Managers have wised up about night stops too. The cost of hotel, transport and meal allowances all add up. Positioning the crew back to base costs less, even if revenue seats are blocked off. Its only EY seats anyway.
The meat of the earnings for SQ is always up in front.

Fly if you think its fun for you.. but reality starts to sink in. Your cohort of uni grads have acquired on the job skills in excel spreadsheets, inventory, costing and negotiations.
Meanwhile you would have on the job training in preparing drink carts, sales carts, newspaper trolley and folding blankets and distributing towels.

Ok, ok,.. you get a WSQ certificate. Is that really a worthwhile piece of paper?? By the way, the company gets a great deal with WDA.. free training and I think, dollar for dollar, they actually earn a profit in submitting your names for training!!

Dont get me started on the useless union.

Tar teo sai said...

Me agree with kenna sai totally.

Anonymous said...

Interviewed 10 times and failed !!! How much worst the Airline will become if you become a crew. Don't bother to try after 10 failed attempts Simplily means you don't have what it take to be a crew, you won't have being black list too.

I wanna be an SQ Gal said...

If I am a crew with SIA and things do not go my way I will NOT bad mouth SIA like most do in this blog. I will just resign and look for alternatives.
Most want to curse SIA and still cling on to their jobs for their dear lives. Worst that dogs!

ex crew said...

"Good riddance. More should leave and we will more chances. Been to 10 interviews but did not make it but now as more leave SQ I would stand a better chance. I do not mind working for half the salary."

siao....u dun talk too fast. half the salary? maybe one month into the job, you will start to complain.