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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Some people aren't happy about us sparing a thought for cabin crew who worked on festive holidays.

 Anonymous said...
Balls to the cabin crew la. What bloody sacrifice? As though so noble or the whole world owes them. If you want to spend time with family or enjoy weekend off etc, dont join cabin crew. You ppl only know how to think about yourself. What about when office ppl wake up at 630 am and go home at 8 pm daily? All you assholes jus came back from party at 6am and wake up at 6 pm to lead your aimless life!

Anonymous said...
Most crew have no family or comes from broken family to begin with. They cant wait to get away from their family. So what sacrifice are you talking about? This is so evident in the cof board where crew will gladly offer their cny off days in exchange for long flights. Even cny eve off also not shy to ask for london or sfo. Sacrifice huh?

Anonymous said...
Maybe you should express your gratitude to the pizza delivery boys, bus drivers, police, doctors, taxi drivers also. 
Talk about sacrifice by cabin crew? Pui!


Anonymous said...

These people who commented negatively are mean and selfish.

Jacky said...

Just ignore them. I am grateful to those who have to work during the holiday.