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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Uncle's assessment is super accurate

I told this young lady she should be successful at the cabin crew interview and she did! Mind you she has failed before coming to me for coaching.

Above was the WhatsApp exchanges between her and me. "Chooon" means accurate in Singlish.


Steward Lim said...

Bohtong is BESTEST one! He got me into SIA too.

Opposition supporter said...

If BT gets elected to parliament it will be good for the underdogs or the poor

Wannabe said...

HI Mr Luke, I came across your blog and am very keen to know more about your program to help cabin crew wannabes. May I know when you would be conducting the nearest available course for hopefuls like us who seek your professional coaching?

Luke said...

Wannabe go to for details. I won't be conducting one so soon.

Beng said...

BT will fight for all poor or rich. He was a ggod unionist when he was with sia and he will be of good use to Singaporeans if voted into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Hope Bt will be elected as he is able to help people especially the underdogs.