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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Overseas hotel accommodation (Tokyo) for cabin crew

One of the nicer hotels the cabin crew ever stayed was in Tokyo, Japan. It was known as Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa. That was about 30+ years ago when it was rated as a "5 star" hotel. Now it's being rated as "4 star".

The rooms were cosy, clean and extremely comfortable. I don't really know how much did SIA pay for each room. The teaspoons provided in the rooms were gold plated. The Japanese tea sets in the room were also expensive looking.

The crew stayed there for less than 2 years. We were "kicked" out by the hotel so to speak because of the crew's behaviour ("kicked out" = by raising the room rates until it's outside of SIA's budget) . The crew souvenired the gold plated teaspoons and the tea sets. The hotel management complained to SIA. Actions in the form of a verbal warning was issued to the guilty crew.  (the hotel kept a list of crew who souvenired the said items and sent to SIA). The hotel staff branded us as the "Ali Baba and his thieves". It was a wake up call to the cabin crew in general (of course the majority of the cabin crew were not guilty of  this misconduct but the small minority of of about 10% was enough to infuriate the hotel management)

Prince Takanawa would give each crew 2 free drink coupons for the 2 day stay. The crew's favorite free drinks was the fresh Hokkaido Melon juice. Most of the crew would order the drinks until at times the hotel would run out of the melons.

After we were kicked out of Takanawa, we signed a contract with the Hilton Shinjuku which was quite a comfortable and stylish hotel. As usual, the rooms were clean and confortable. However, there was no issuance of coupon for free drinks. Nevertheless, the crew was very happy with the Japanese hospitality.


ExCrew said...

BT i love the luxurious looking dinning room and the view from the room of takanawa hotel.

Anonymous said...

Ya you aso luv the gold tinted T set & teaspoons Excrew

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous (above one)dun be rude ok.

Lian said...

I remember the melon juice! Haha...and how we are called Ali Baba and 40 thieves! So embarrassing but so true. Once I witnessed this well dressed stewardess who started her Ali Baba operation after 11pm. She would look out for room service trays left outside the rooms and steal the crockery. She covered all the floors, good exercise for her:-) Never mind they're dirty, she can always wash them in her room. She told me by doing this way, she had accumulated a complete dinner set. She even asked me to join in her modus operandi! She had, of course a big and sturdy Ali Baba bag with her.

Anonymous said...

That's how low life the 10% cabin crew you spoke about...... And these are the same people who constantly damage the goodwill of junior crew, pilots, management, pax etc.......

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:
Well, I also do hear that the king & Queens of offloading in the past are now in office catching people offloading. How fake. Karma is coming as shown in the recent infant seat belt case,
dog eat dog world haha!

best regards,
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

What infant seatbelts case??? Quick tell BT so he will blog about it.
Ya it takes the bigger thieves to cath the small thieves hahahaaaa so many funny things happen in cc. Like a circus liao.

Maserati said...

The present crew hotel in Shinjuku is a local 3* brandname, a stone's throw from the previous Hilton. Senior Crew love to cry for mother cry for father how standard has dropped. Certainly don't blame them.

Anonymous said...

From the very beginning, SIA crew have always been accommodated in First Class hotels. To name some examples; Bonaventure LAX, Marriott, Manila Hotel, Sheraton, Hilton...lots more. What has happened today is the result of poor business, cost and the ever increasing instances of crew misbehaviour that have been used by affected hotels in kicking us out. Crying father and crying mother is never ever going to end.