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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Pilot in the Toilet with a stewardess...........

Ray would in 6 months time be promoted to the rank of a SIA captain. He would then be earning around S$12,000 per month including all the extra allowances.

He was a senior first officer on the B747 fleet.Ray was a pilot with an attractive personality.He was always charming but to the girls and the prettier ones only.He was the kind, the crew would brand as"chee hong" ( "pussy crazy"). The stewards loathe him.

Ray had a stewardess wife called Jess. She had left SIA to take care of the family.They had a little boy of 2 years.

When Jess was flying,Ray did not have the freedom to be a 'Romeo'. Jess was fiercely jealous of the other girls whose names Ray so often called in his sleep.After each flight, Jess would check for tell tale signs that could lead to the confirmation of her suspicion that her husband had slept with the other stewardesses. Many times, they quarrelled because of her suspicion.

On one flight back to Singapore from Europe, one set of cockpit and cabin crew 'passenger' back in civis.

On this flight, the crew was allowed to drink alcohol ( they were off duty and not wearing uniform). The cockpit crew sat in the first class cabin while the cabin crew travelled in the economy.Ray, as usual, would spend most of his time in the economy class and you could guess why.

Devi, a gorgeous SIA Indian stewardess was part of the 'passengering' cabin crew. She was also travelling as a passenger.

Throughout the flight, Ray and Devi would drink and behaved intimately with each other,oblivious to the other colleagues and passengers around them.

When Ray and Devi couldn't 'take' it anymore, they both slipped into one of the toilets in the quiet of the night.

The noises from the toilet alerted the operating crew and supervisor Lim was informed.Well, this was the opportunity for Lim to get even with Ray who had been arrogant with him on one flight.

Lim, with two other male crew as witnesses,without any warning,opened the toilet door from the exterior.

Devi and Ray were caught literally with their pants down. They were both pissed and had rough sex in the little cubicle toilet.

The commander of the flight was informed of the misbehavior by Lim and a report was lodged.

Subsequently, a few months down the road and after a disciplinary inquiry, the two crew were dismissed from SIA.

At home, Ray and Jess fought so often over the incidence that they ended up in a divorce.

The last I heard of Ray was,he became a taxi driver. Devi broke up with her steward boyfriend and became a social escort with a local company.

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