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Friday, 4 July 2014

You ain't got no CHOICE !


Anonymous said...

What do u mean by blue tie?

Anonymous said...

Junior stewards wear blue tie.

Anonymous said...

BT. No need to stir shit on your blog. The truth has surfaced and crew are not stupid. So what do have to gain by putting up all these on your blog? Yet you are training people to join sq? If you earn $12k a month by stirring shit and to get people to visit your blog. You have done a very good job.

Anonymous said...

It's really no choice now. Do you know crew now get rostered SQ972/SQ977 for Bangkok turnaround?Eta at Bkk is 1105 hrs and departure is 1530hrs! Such long transit time and what do you expect the crew to do when they cant leave the aircraft due to security reasons? Is the current union doing anything or aware about it or were they even consulted about it? Face aint got a choice!