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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Accused of manipulating polls

Anonymous September 22, 2014

BT! Not bad! You can even change Alan's vote to make him win in your survey. Make Choice look bad, yet you want be the FAIR person? You can bullshit all you want and earn all the money on the visits. When the truth is out and Alan lose again, please close your blog for good.

In the next union election I will vote for:

Alan & Party
  154 (44%)

Vernon & Party
  19 (5%)

PJ & Party.
  175 (50%)

Change your vote
Votes so far: 348 

Days left to vote: 341 

I was accused of manipulating the above polls so as to make Alan lead in the upcoming union election. At a certain point Alan was leading and this was the comment left by supposedly Tony's or PJ's people. Now few days later (25 Sept), as you can see the above polls is showing that PJ is leading Alan by a whopping 6% or 21 votes out of 348 votes. 
For the uniformed person who has left the above comment please note that polls could NOT be manipulated or altered once someone has voted. This also means that one person from his PC/mobile/tablet can only vote once.