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Monday, 20 October 2014

A chilling encounter by a leading stewardess in a hotel room

Leading stewardess's weird experience in a overseas Hotel.
From a LSS~

"I had an incident in a xxxxx Hotel .
in e wee hours 2.00am.. I was woken up by noise of someone trying to
open my door.
I went to e door n looked thru e peephole. But e image was blur. Cldnt
see a thing. Then e person STil trying to open my door. I banged e
door fm inside to let him/her know tat this room is occupied. Then e
person left... Didn't think much of it n went back to sleep....
Few hours b4 checkout , ard 1plus pm.. I looked thru e peephole again
n same the image blur. I tot Mayb some idiot pasted something on e
peephole fm outside.....
I opened e door n looked outside. I got a shock of my life!!!!
I looked thru it fm outside n had a clear view of my room inside....
Thinking past two days' stay. Was I being watched fm outside???
I freaked out lor.
To open my door must b looking at me full view when I was "trying to
look out" at the same time.....
I reported to htl staff n e manager... They were shocked n apologized.
Said they wil look into it n get back to me.....
I wrote a VR too
ROOM xxxx !!
Check e bloody peephole!!"


Anonymous said...

omg....this is the first time i heard of such thing!

Anonymous said...

There was an incident whereby a stewardess found her hotel room spy hole without the glass. It was dug out and one could see the interior from this hole.

Anonymous said...

Ah ya lucky it was a human outside her door.
Lucky she did not stay at the Miramar Hotel in Tpe which had already been demolished.
For those who stayed there before know what I am saying.
Really bad!