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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Husband and wife cabin crew team

My post yesterday on the subject of petty quarrel among the cabin crew caused some concern from well meaning people. They said that having husband and wife crew flying together isn't a good thing. Well I tend to agree with that statement.
This policy of letting spouses flying on the same flight has been there for a long time. No doubt about it, this policy or practice is not beneficial to the other colleagues.
It has benefited the company in cutting down the overseas hotel bills. You see in SQ, the husband and wife team are allowed to stay in one hotel room during their stops at oversea stations. If you have 2 husband and wife teams on a flight of 23 cabin crew, the airline would save on 2 rooms. The 2 hotel rooms could amount to a few hundred dollars and imagine if it is world wide how much would the airline have saved.

There are airlines that do not allow husband and wife crew flying together on the same flight.

As for the other crew there is no benefit at all. In fact, if the IFS's wife is a cabin crew, she would most likely be acting as though she is the boss of the cabin. She may even override the other senior crew's decision in the service and other matters and this can cause a lot of uneasiness among the junior crew.

During my time, I had a couple in my ward flying together as husband and wife. The male crew was a chief steward and his wife, a stewardess. The wife acted as though she was the chief and started to give orders to the leading stewards and junior crew on how to carry out the service. They were so pissed off with this couple and petitioned them to the company.

Another case was an IFS whose stewardess wife acted as though she was the assistant IFS. It caused a lot of unhappiness that many junior reported sick to avoid flying with them.

In the case that I've blogged yesterday, I know who the IFS is and am quite surprise to hear of such report. I have always thought that he is a gentleman.