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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Message WhatsApp to me re: tiff between crew

Papa's wife complained to him that IA Sambal stressing Jcl crew.
Papa confronted IA.
Issue exploded.
Papa wrote to SVP, n cc to CEO.
jcl crew called to give statement.
Sny IFS also asked to give statement.
Dis is not a rumour. Heard from horses' mouth.
Sigh, a case whereby a pot calling d kettle black.
One fss came to Sambal said lucky shes on board that day cos fss scared of Papa's wife Susu
Si peh Luan, luan luan!!

Well story goes ... papa changed flight to do with fss Susu (wife).
Not knowing IA Sambal on flight. Problem started ex bom susu working jcl 20 paxs.
Complaint that IA stressing crew which was not really true.
Started cos susu did not put headsets etc in seat pocket or offer on ground did it after take off which should not be the case.
So papa wrote his vr and IA had to write audit report.
The rest is history cos he by passed protocol wrote straight to SVP CC.
Investigations still on.

Legend:   IA = Inflight Auditor (Highest ranking cabin crew,like a check steward/ess)
               IFS= Inflight Supervisor (Crew in charge of flight)
               JCL = Biz Class
               FSS= Flight stewardess
               VR= Voyage Report (report on flight activities by IFS)
               SVP = Senior Vice President
               CEO= Chief Executive Officer
               Si peh= Very, very
               Luan, luan = Confusion or "Headache"


Anonymous said...

This Papa seems to be getting from bad to worst. Even his family i.e. brothers have written him off. I suspect its because of wife Susu too. From fighting with his neighbors, to taking one of them to court & crying infront of the judge etc etc. Get a life lah... Try having a kid, if you can that is. That should take your attention away from screwing people up. It might even make you a better person. From What I hear from his neighbors, he is causing trouble for them everyday. Its sad coz most of them are trying to make a living doing business below his unit. Poor neighbors...

Anonymous said...

Very bo liao. Small things must cc ceo er. who do all these waiters and waitresses think they are? Too free, no shit huh? maybe svp should give these jiat ba bo sai pang people more things to do!

Anonymous said...

Wife is FSS or CSS? Who ah?

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior:

MR BT you use "susu" later people tot is the other couple lol

best regards
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Wife is Malaysian indian CSS. Her Name is the same as Japanese green cold noodles.

Anonymous said...

Thot Papa and Susu not allowed to change flights and fly together due to past incidents.

Anonymous said...

Both at asso. Let them fight. We c and laugh and enjoy the show

Anonymous said...

This flying together must stop .Also language crew must not be given preference for flights..As far as this papa is concerned,he used to go around borrowing cigarettes and am sure he is still doing it..not sure if his wife knows..

Anonymous said...

Ya I hope IA Bramps, responds to all his allegations..... Para* is a complain king.

NatureAge said...

Papa he loves mama ...mama she loves pa papa...Full of shit lah t these lousy leaders. ...