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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Wife Who Couldn't Resist ..........(a repost)

Stewardess June was married to Leading Steward (LS) Paul and they both were in the married couple scheme, which meant they would most of the time be rostered to fly together.

Paul was a decent and naive guy who loved his wife very much. He adored June like a goddess. June on the other,I doubt,love Paul as much. She was stunningly beautiful,sexy and looked like Sharon Stone in her heydays.

There was one secret that June never divulged to her husband....that she was a nymphomaniac.Anyway,how could she possibly tell Paul about it.

June had made love to at least a dozen stewards,not counting the cockpit crew and passengers. Sex with different and many men was the spices of life for her.

If you ask me, why then did June get married to Paul in the first place?, I don't have the answer. According to a few close friends of June,her mom pestered her to get married as she was in her late twenties.So to please her mom, June got married to Paul,after a short courtship.

It was after their marriage, during a night-stop in Paris that Paul discovered something shocking about his wife.

June had most of the time during their night-stops, cheated on Paul by telling him she had to visit her female colleagues in their hotel rooms for a chat. Instead, she would be in another man's room satisfying her lust, guiltlessly.Paul on the other hand would be watching TV. in their room or drinking by himself.

On this cooling Autumn evening, Paul was waiting patiently for June . He had felt a sudden urge to make love to his wife. He was craving and yearning for her sexy body.Paul picked up the phone which was next to the bed and called all the other stewardesses rooms to speak to June. However, June was not with the girls. Paul began to grow suspicious. He knew June was somewhere in the hotel. Where was she and what was she doing at that moment? Something told Paul that everything was not alright.

Paul, while lying on his hotel bed, started to recalled all the things he knew about his wife. It was at this moment that Paul realised he knew nothing much about his own wife. Who was June? What kind of a person was she? He just couldn't answer all those questions about June. The only thing he knew about June was, she had a great appetite for sex .

Suddenly, there was a soft knock at the door. Paul instinctively knew it was his wife. He sprang out of his bed and went to the door. He opened it and there stood his lovely wife.

In a moment,Paul had stripped his wife naked.All these times, June resisted but it was useless. She didn't have much on. She didn't wear her bra nor her panty. All she had was a piece of dress that she could slip in or out within seconds.
Paul hugged her naked body and kissed her passionately. Then, he slipped his finger into her ....... and found it was slippery and wet. He knew it wasn't his action that had caused the orgasm. She must have had multiple orgasms before she returned to the room.

Suddenly, Paul stopped whatever he was doing and pushed June to the bed. He pinned her down so forcefully that he almost killed her. Paul was overcome with deep suspicion and jealousy. He knew instinctively that his wife had been screwed by some other man or men. Paul put his strong palm around June's neck and began to strangle her. June struggled but it was to no avail. Paul angrily demanded an answer from his wife. "Who was it,who did you screw with?" he asked her. June felt the effect of Paul's hand and started to scream but nothing came out from her vocal chord.
Then ,in a desperate soft pleading voice, she confessed she had sex with a passenger she had met on board.
Paul began to release his grip around her neck.

June started to cry inconsolably and beg Paul to forgive her. She confessed everything to her husband about her obsession with other men. By this time,
Paul had calmed down and instead of being jealous or angry with June, a feeling of sympathy and understanding swept over him. He hugged her desirable naked body kissed and fondled her passionatey. In a moment, they were making love but this time more lustfuly than ever before.

After Paul's hungry sexual appetite had been satisfied, they both sat on the bed and talked. June confessed to her husband that she was a sicked nymphomaniac. Paul listened sympathetically and suggested counseling for his wife.

From that incident onwards, Paul would never let his wife out of his sight wherever they nightstop.

To this day, I do not really know whether June has been "cured". June had left the airlines and is a mother of two beautiful young daughters. Paul is still flying and the couple are still very much in love with each other.


Ah Tiong said...

Hope she got some help.. she's a sex addict, can recover from it one. Just that you know la in SG here, everyone dun wanna talk about it.

gsl said...

Aiya got his type of compulsive problem? First time heard of it. That word, ny..., very chin. I thought only guys have it. Hehe.

boh tong said...

Yes,over here we are not so open .Treatment? not sure really,Tiong.

boh tong said...

gsl, of course there is such a problem but ppl dun wanna talk about it or seek treatment.Its a very serious problem and couples often end up in divorces.

SQninja said...

Wow, I'm wondering how do you know the details of the story.

Are you Paul, June or one of those who slept with June?

Boh Tong said...

To the last comment,aiya I hv my source mah :)

Anonymous said...

You see lah?

Talk about me again... whole life!

Anonymous said...

You see lah?

Talk about me again... whole life!

BT want to meet up with ya lol