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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Broad shoulder, tall and handsome but now...

Got this message a while ago regarding an ex IFS who used to be tall and rugged but now:

"David jus told me tt he saw THG who stayed across his unit.
He said he looked lk a walking skeleton, xtremely thin n moves very slow.
Think he's sick. I feel so sad ".


Anonymous said...

Not difficult in making out who this person is. Sounds like he is from the early crew era like CY, Pon...etc

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


All the years of lim, lim, lim has taken its toll.
No amount of donations and good deeds to help poor children can help.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol, late nights and smoking will lead to dependancy. The era of so-called inflated ego, youth, bravery, loud tones of voice and denial will eventually give way to a slow and painful journey of suffering and depression during old age. Alcoholics live very long.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. I bumbed into THG months ago. He looks to be in a bad shape....frail, skinny, sickly looking.

Anonymous said...

BT described him well. Tall, broad shoulders, thick dark hair, ang geh and a baritone voice.