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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Her life changed after becoming a stewardess...

A reader left this comment:

Hey i tell you same thing happened to me.. She had big dreams when she joined as an airhostess... She loved me no doubt, but later in the profession she started spoiling herself going for drinks, comparing herself with other airhostess... 

Started going pubs and hiding from me... Things became serious when she had sex with another guy in drunk condition without protection... Didn't told... Started hating herself for that... But i excused her that too and asked to get married soon.. But she started complaining about money is important in life and that guy has more money...even that guy was ten years older... 

She went to meet him told me That she went for saying sorry... But again had sex too and didn't came home without protection... What kind of profession is that... That girl was th best girl i ever met.. But see she changed.. 
When we were together i have seen her other friends were like that too... Girls should choose this carefully dnt know where this will end.... 


Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior:

finally our coy someone with balls..
write to PM Lee on our coy unequal playing field..although is ignored ..
i still respect you Mr Singh!
You should step forward be our next union leader.

best regards
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the choice of career is her own discretion and values.