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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Not dislikeable but not respected

It's not that I do not like this manager. He was not a helpful boss when I was working under him. He was always "playing safe" and would not speak up for his subordinates. He only looked after his own "ass" so to speak.
I saw this ex-manager this afternoon at a shopping mall. I avoided him although we've not met for ages. He is very old and thin and was struggling to walk steadily.There's no love lost between us.
No, no  I am not saying he was a bad person but on the contrary he was a nice person. He was quite generous when it came to settling bills whenever we went out for our meals. He was a soft spoken man who would not harm a fly.
In short, he was not a dislikeable person. We just did not respect him as a boss at all.  


Anonymous said...

BT some people do not deserve to be leaders although they are nice by nature. SIA promoted him because he was nice and that is the problem with many companies.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a typical hypocrite plz...
When people are nice, you say people don't deserve to be leader. When people are nasty like Ah Seow, big eye or TPT, you also say they not fit to be leader.Only you are fit to lead la.

Anonymous said...

Nice people do not necessarily make good
leaders and so in this aspect BT is right. Sure if one is nice and is a good leader then it is a bonus for the subordinates. Don't pass judgement and brand people as hypocrite. I wonder why BT published your unkind comment about him in the first place. Go get a life man!

Anonymous said...

MINDEF has a time-tested definition of leadership: A GOOD LEADER IS ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DISTRIBUTE WORK AMONGST HIS SUBORDINATES. Being nice is not so important. The boundaries must be clearly demarcated in the Rank and File. Lead by example.

Anonymous said...

Good leaders are not great leaders. Sadly, old school "good" leaders are a dime and a dozen in sia and many conservative organizations. Only great leaders can inspire and motivate, loved and remembered.

Anonymous said...

Good leader is someone who can give all you cho bo lan waiters/ess more off days, more layovers and higher pay.

Just another leader..respect not required said...

Is there any good leader? Can't think of any... Anyway, leaders do not need your respect.. They just need you to do your job as you are paid to do, and not give them your problems to solve..

Anonymous said...

Good leader must know how a good suction feels like so to enjoy a good job done.

Anonymous said...

SQ used to be a leader in the industry

Now its a follower
You think there are leaders in SQ
( regardless good or bad )??

Crew division people are no leaders ( though they like to think and believe they are )
They just are bullies because they have the rank... once they are outside the shell of STC.. they are no bodies, no relevant skills, no personality, no looks and definitely not a friend.