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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Not dislikeable but not respected

It's not that I do not like this manager. He was not a helpful boss when I was working under him. He was always "playing safe" and would not speak up for his subordinates. He only looked after his own "ass" so to speak.
I saw this ex-manager this afternoon at a shopping mall. I avoided him although we've not met for ages. He is very old and thin and was struggling to walk steadily.There's no love lost between us.
No, no  I am not saying he was a bad person but on the contrary he was a nice person. He was quite generous when it came to settling bills whenever we went out for our meals. He was a soft spoken man who would not harm a fly.
In short, he was not a dislikeable person. We just did not respect him as a boss at all.