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Thursday, 6 November 2014

SIA's profits,share price and interim dividends

Singapore Airlines half-year profit down 55.5 percent but its share price is up 2 cents at closing.
Wonder how would its share price perform when the stock market opens tomorrow.
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Last update @ 9:32 am of 7 Nov Friday the SIA price is down a mere 4 cents to $10.11 on a volume of 318,000 shares done. Considering the steep slide in its profit, the share is still holding. I think SIA is  still aggresively buying back the shares. Well done Singapore Airlines just keep on buying all the shares!

Btw: SIA has declared a interim dividend of .05 cents per share payable on 27 November this year.

Do you know how much cash has SIA in hand?  Answer: S$5.6 billion up from $5.04 a year ago.

Do you know that the $5.6 billion cash SIA has can buy you 5.5 times the estate of Bayshore Park condo. (Assuming the average price of each Bayshore Park unit is $1 million and it has 1093 apartment units).

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