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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Breaking news: Ex Chief steward CC Boon ....

The following was WhatsApp to me:

Boon was pronounced dead today. He was reportedly suffering fr heart attack n sank to the bottom of the pool while swimming. Attempts to resuscitate him failed.


Anonymous said...

Nice old chap ! RIP Boon !

Anonymous said...

No love lost!

Anonymous said...

He was also a tensed person who seemed to be against the whole world. Don't know how to relax resulting in his premature demise. Poor wife.

Anonymous said...

Hello....anonymous ARSEHOLES if you have any uncalled remarks,keep to your fucking selves.And lt the dead rest in peace.
Boon was a very nice chap,totally harmless n not lazy in his work.
RIP,Boon.You are very much loved n like.

Anonymous said...

Harmless? Do you mean Bo Chup? Not lazy? why not promoted if not lazy? Don't call people arseholes. Using 4 letter words against people won't do anything good except that it reflects the person you are haha just like the deceased.