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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First graduate cabin crew executive didn't make it

T, a graduate admin officer wanted to be just like us the cabin crew executives (check trainers). He envied us because he thought that our job was fun and simple. T was originally employed to do admin work eg. to plan crew's rosters, crew's leave, crew's welfare etc.

One day, the director of cabin crew acceded to T's request and transferred him to be a CCE.  He went through a "crash" course and was told that he was suitably "qualified" to train and appraise the cabin crew. Just to enlighten you, T unlike the CCEs was never a cabin crew before but now he was going to appraise the crew on their work performances. Besides appraising the crew on board the flight, T's role was also to train the new and operating crew.

When T went on his first few flights to appraise the crew, he was completely lost. It was not easy for T as he had no crew experience. But being a graduate, the director thought T was capable.
T fumbled and made silly mistakes. He became the big "joke" of cabin crew.
Not knowing how the system worked on board was one thing but he tried to be a smart alec. All the crew laughed behind his back and some even made fun of him.

The last straw came when T fell sick during his 3-day night stop in the Middle East. He was not accustomed to the food and worst of all, none of his crew care to visit him. T felt lonely.
After that flight, he threw in the towel and asked to return to his previous position.


Anonymous said...

hi bt, can you share when a trainee will tailor make their own kebaya? before training? or how long during training?

Boh Tong said...

During the training period anytime when the tailors are available to come down to STC to take measurement.

Anonymous said...

What has kebaya do with this post? Poor taste low IQ like that how to be SQ cc?

Anonymous said...

That MM made a mockery out of the cce position.

Anonymous said...

What has your comments got to do with this post and my qns as well? Opps sorry! Poor taste and low IQ still made it as SQ cc. Get a life :)

Anonymous said...

May I know what is toe opening hr for the uniform store? Can someone pls help. Thanks a million !

Anonymous said...

hey bt, now still gt cadet cce? or not available anymore?

Boh Tong said...

No more cadet cce la