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Monday, 1 December 2014

Fish & Co staff lacks good service culture

Fish & Co staff lacking in good service culture,needs more training. I will not patronise Fish & Co until the service staff shows some form of courtesy. Read more


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly the boss was a steward with SQ and his staff is lacking in good service mannerism?

Anonymous said...

I agree with BT that F & C has a long way to go in terms of staff service attitude towards its customers.

Anonymous said...

You pay peanuts you get monkey

what do you expect

Anonymous said...

It is over the hill for there are many better restaurants and cafe to visit.
The boss is a tyrant with his staff and that is why they sabo his business when he is not around. Typical of sia treatment of its crew. Times have changed so yes like BT said "Wake F*** & co!"

Anonymous said...

Boycott the restaurant !! Highlight it in internet! Not the only restaurant around! Besides nothing fantastic . Not cheap either.

Anonymous said...

This one is as bad as Hppy Crap hahaha all owned by former cc

Jacky said...

Uncle Boh Tong, now there is a mystery shopper at Fish & Co. They give u money to eat and you complete the feedback. You can express youre interest to be mystery shopper at Just give your name, age,contact number and where u reside.

Boh Tong said...

Jacky thanks yes maybe I should be a mystery shopper.