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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Message from a crew : Details on IFS Vishnu

As informed earlier, Vishnu's family will be accompanying his casket on SQ861 today n expected to arrive at abt 1910 hrs.
The casket will be transferred to Cargo Complex 6 for d undertakers - Eesan Casket to claim. Sats would expedite d paper works n port health clearance, when all original relevant documents r submitted. This process may take unto 2 hrs. Then d hermetically zinc sealed coffin as per IATA compliance would have to be taken to d funeral parlour n have its seals broken. D undertakers would then check d condition of d embalmed body whether it is fit to last till d funeral on Friday or else may have to be re- embalm again. They would then redress d casket n deliver to his home. Hence, this process may take sometime. Those going to Vishnu's home to pay your respects, pls park your car at d nearby multi-storey carpark as white open HDB carpark lots r very limited. His address is: Blk 520 Serangoon North Ave 4

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