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Monday, 8 January 2007

Crew 'killed' the passenger who gave them golden eggs.

Mr. Otani was a SIA solitaire passenger who hardly flew anything less than first class.He was a 'businessman' who had strong connections with both the Japanese Government and the Yakuza.But as a passenger,Otani was well liked by the cabin crew of SIA. He was always generous and often brought the crew out for expensive meals in places like Tokyo,LA,SFO etc. where he knew our crew could not afford to dine.
There were many occasions when the bills came up from anywhere between US$3,000 and US$5,000. He would order the finest wines for the crew and not to mention the best steaks,lobsters,sashimi,sushi and what have you. Otani seems to enjoy the company of both the boys and the girls. He would burst out into laughter whenever he saw the way the crew gobbled up their food. They reminded him of the time when he was a poor boy who had not much to eat.
Otani miracously survived the Hiroshima nuclear holocaust but his parents,siblings and those relatives who lived in Hiroshima were not so lucky.

On this particular flight SQ 12, Otani boarded from Narita Airport and bound for a business trip in LA. The crew were jubilant when they saw Otani. They knew their stay in LA would be 'covered' (expenses paid).
Otani's secretary, Steven a Singaporean, was also with him in the first class cabin. Arrangements were made to charter an aircraft to fly the crew from LA to Vegas. Twelve of the 18 cabin crew decided to accept Otani's invitation that evening to fly to Vegas.
In Vegas,each of the 12 crew were given US$2,000 to splurge.Most of them kept the cash except two who foolishly 'donated' to MGM Grand on the Blackjack tables.
That night, Otani won almost a million bucks on the Bacarrat table. It was a grand night for the crew for they knew Otani would be even more generous with his winnings.
The next morning, Steven was instructed by Otani to give each of the 12 crew US$ 10,ooo .
Everybody was joyous except the other six crew who did not join them in Vegas.
Two weeks after their flight, the crew who received money from Otani was hauled up to the office. Someone had complained to the cabin crew management about the receipt of the cash from Otani. It was two of the crew who did not join them at Vegas,they suspected,had lodged a complaint.They were obviously envious of them who had benefitted from Otani's generousity.
All the 12 crew were reprimanded and the saddest thing was,from that time onwards,Otani never ever again invited the crew out.
( This story was related to me by Steven when I met him on another flight)


Anonymous said...

keep posting your stories are very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Monday is boring in the office,I rather read your blog.

ChelleLyn said...

Sad to say.. this is the reality of life..issit?.. Envious eyes of people.. Been a pleasure reading ur wonder.. my dear cousin Szeli highly recommend ah :)
Merry Xmas!

boh tong said...

Hi chellelyn,
Nice to meet u. Any friends or relatives of Szeli are my buddies too. Thanks for the compliment and Merry Xmas to u too.

Anonymous said...

just curious but what is the company policy on crew receiving gifts from passengers?


boh tong said...

Dear Cheryl,
Crew are not supposed to accept gifts from passengers.

Kelvin Seet said...

woah..those are the golden days I guess..haha...

too bad tech crew don't have such fun.. :P

boh tong said...

Hi Kelvin!..long time no hear from u man! yup,those were the days with golden eggs,not now anymore.
but tech crew got plenty $$$ to spend wat...hehehe
Anyway nice to hear from u leh...promoted Capt. already or not???

Kelvin Seet said...

Alamak I think u got the wrong Kelvin lah! Coz I'm not so senior! :)

Nice reading your articles! Times are changing already I guess! Tech and Cabin crew less familiar with each other nowadays. :)

Anonymous said...

Ya la there are so many Kelvins until i get cunfused..true c'pit and cc are not so close these days..come again n thks 4 commting

Kelvin Seet said...

haha no worries!