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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Passed the interview in S'pore but .......

Dear Mr. Luke Tan,

I am Chikako from Japan who passed walk in interview in Singapore in August.

The thing let to another, Japanese side made No decision after the review in Osaka yesterday.

They said what they are looking for is different in Singapore and Japan and Japanese seems not happy about going interview in Singapore.

I will stop applying this company but still I like Singapore so I might look for some job in Singapore as well.

Thank you very much for your support!

I really thank you very much.



BT: The above was an email from a female candidate who attended the cabin crew walk-in interview in Singapore. At the time, candidates were invited from overseas to attend the interview. This lady flew in from Japan and attended the interview in Singapore. She successfully completed and passed all the rounds of the interview. She was told to return to Japan and wait for an interview in Osaka to meet the Japanese supervisor. The intention was for the Japanese supervisor to personally meet her.
Sadly, she was told she should not have attended the interview in Singapore by the supervisor. 
A few days later, she was told Singapore has rejected her.


Anonymous said...

Poor girl forget about SQ go and try other better airlines.

Anonymous said...

SIA has never been consistent in its recruitment policy. A friend who was 157cm got to be a crew when the minimum height requirement was 158cm.
I was knocked out due to my 157.5cm height.

Korean stewardess hopeful said...

Sadly, she was told she should not have attended the interview in Singapore by the supervisor. THEN WHY SIA INVITE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE? IS THIS THE RESULT SIA HAVE CANCELLED OTHER COUNTRIES PEOPLE FROM ATTENDING?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...jus out of curiousity...I have a friend who height is like 1cm shorter than me is currently flying as an air stewardess for SIA...while my hgt is lyk 157cm...n haf the lady who is doing the recording tellin me that i', not eligible as i do not meet the hgt requirement...i just feel that its not ryte...aniwae I hope I can get a GOOD explaination for this...I do know abt the safety requirements...

Humiliated said...

I was also humiliated by an interviewer and worst still I was not selected though I was pleasant,polite and calm all the time.

Anonymous said...

SQ cc management are a PITA!

Anonymous said...

BT,whats ur take?

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
BT,whats ur take?

BT: SQ is a good company but some of its cabin crew mgmt staff are assh****

Anonymous said...

Japanese Supervisor has more weight than the CEO. What she says, sticks.. and it sticks for the entire lifetime.

World War 2 is over but management still kowtow to Japan.

Edmond said...

If you are one of those who fail the interview due to height, I can help you gain as much as 2.5cm. I am sure BohTong would not mind to pass you my contact, if you approach him.