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Thursday, 11 January 2007

Rough Night Out In Auckland.

Chief Steward Raj was a loving husband and a dotting father to his two little children. He had been with SIA for 12 years before being promoted to the position of a chief steward,which was quite good. He was a conscientious crew and loved his job.
Raj loved to drink and never failed to visit the pubs during his night-stops. He did not mix much with his crew unless they were drunkards like him.

On this particular stop in New Zealand, he went to his favourite pub which was near the crew hotel. He met a few locals and drank with them. Raj was the easy going and friendly sort of man. He was good looking and fair skinned for a southern Indian. He was the sort that women and sometimes men, would gave a second look.

That night he was pissed as usual. Bob, a big Maori guy who had made friend with Raj decided to go back with him to the hotel. They both continued their drinking session in Raj's hotel room. They almost finished the whole bottle of Black Label which Raj had off loaded from the aircraft bar.

Raj drank until he couldn't drink anymore and went to his bed and fell asleep.
Meanwhile,Bob drank the balance of the whisky and ...........

The next thing Raj realised, he was in an Auckland hospital. He felt a sharp pain in his anus. He screamed out in pain and a nurse ran up to him and gave him another dose of painkiller.

He was told, he had been sodomised by someone in his hotel room the night before. He was left unconscious.All his money,watch and his wedding ring were stolen.
Raj was sodomised so badly that he had to stay in the hospital for a week.

When he came back to Singapore, disciplinary actions were taken against Raj by his company and subsequently lost his job.


gsl said...

Wow really pain in the ass. Btw, do u also have SIA steward photo? I haven't see their uniform yet. Only the pretty stewardess in SIA advertisement. I went to SIA website and I can't find any stewards photo.:(

btong said...

Yup it was pain all round cos he lost his job too.
Sorry I dont any stewards pic. lol

Anonymous said...

This story got many versions. Auckland is a cursed station. Crew keep getting bumped off to smaller hotels. If not wrong this incident happened at a hotel, where the standard is a junior suite.

boh tong said...

Tiong,u may be right.This case happened around 2002 just before I left SQ. Yes,we got thrown out some many times because of our behaviour....imagine a service apartment manager once complained to me that a crew microwaved his running shoes,using the service apartment microwave oven.