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Thursday, 11 January 2007

The Ghost in Kimono.

Justin the Leading steward, had just returned to the Hotel after a night out in Tokyo.It was his first trip to Japan. The year was 1969.

He was a proud young man,never knew what humility was. Justin often boasted about his adventures with women to his junior crew,leaving them drooling many times.

Justin looked down on crew who lived in HDB flats,calling them 'pigeon holes' He and his family lived in a house with a big garden,albeit rented.

That night in Tokyo,he befriended a Japanese woman,Yoko, whom he met on the street. Justin had persuaded Yoko to go back to his hotel with him.He had sexual design on Yoko. She declined at first but after Justin's irritating persuasion,she promised she would visit him, later that night, after settling some businesses back home.

Justin was in bed by 1 am.,waiting anxiously for Yoko's call. After a long disappointing wait,he fell into a deep sleep.

At about 3 am ,Justin was woken up by a soft whisper of a woman in his ear. There was someone lying next to him. He felt the goose pimples on his neck and an eerie chill swept through his whole body. He was sleeping on his side and as he turned around, he felt as though he rolled onto someone.
Then, Justin heard a woman screamed as if she was in pain. Then, he saw a figure of Yoko in her kimono, wearing long black hair flew through the door.

Justin found himself shivering and pespiring at the same time. His hands and feet were almost numbed with fear.

He quickly put on his clothes and dashed out of the hotel room to the reception desk. There, he related his encounter to the Japanese night staff.

Although the two staff did not speak much English,they clearly understood what Justin was trying to tell them. They looked at each other and nodded their heads as though Justin was not the first guest to have such a eerie encounter.
From that night,Justin never slept alone during his night-stop. He became such a coward that he had often begged his junior male crew to share their rooms with him.

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