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Sunday, 8 February 2015

A senior steward's love story

Below is an email from a reader who wanted me to publish his story:

Dear BT,
I hope u can publish my story in ur popular blog so as to let others learn from my lesson of marry a stewardess.

I was a senior cc and on one of my flts i met a beautiful new stewardess. Let me call her lilly.That flt was lily's 1st and i was a leading steward (ls). Lily was stunnigly beautifu and sexy.More than that lily was an innocent naviee gal of 18 yrs. I fell in love with her the moment i set eyes on her.

As lily was new she was nervous and scared of the other crew,in particular the senior stewardesses who could be merciless and bullies. As such lily through her body language sought my protection,which i did.

I was kind to lily not only because i feel for her.I was always kind and patient with new crew,having been one myself yrs ago.

During our stay in sydney,i took lily for a tour. I took care of lily during that stay in sydney. We could get along very well and enjoyed each other company. I never took advantage of her and she respected me for that.

After the flt arrived at s'pore, we exchanged phone nos.We promised to keep in touch.

We dated whereever we went.I changed flts to fly with her (she was not allowed to change flts as she was still under probabtion).We flew to Lon,usa,europe,australia within the next few months.

BT i will send u another portion if i see that u post this bit of my story. Thank u sir!

Part 2:

Hi BT,

Thanks for posting my story.Now i can continue with my story about lily. You know BT lily was a gracious and sweet young thing. We continued to date but i never did go to bed with her. It was not tat i can't but i don want to give her the wrong impression. I don want lily to think tat i was like other stewards or pilots,ever ready to screw or take bodily advantage of a new stewardess.

One day, when lily was having her shower in the hotel room,i curiously opened her hand bag and to my dismay i found a letter dated a few days ago by her boyfriend. She told me she did not have any bf but she lied. From the letter,her bf was a married man whom she wanted to break off because of me. Her bf friend refused and told her he would divorce his wife for her. In that letter he also reminded lily of the time they had each other,u know like how they made love in his car,hotel room in s'pore(he was a office staff not a crew)etc. The description of how wild they were in sex made me very horny and i just could hold back my desire to have her too. Then at this moment i opened the bathroom door and it did not startled lily.She looked like she was prepared for me to come into the shower. My golly lily was well endowed with nice big solid hard breasts.Her nipples were pink.With the water flowing over her body,she looked like a someone who had to be fucked. Lily beckoned me to join her in the shower. I straightaway stripped myself naked and joined lily. She was dam sweet because he stood down and blowed my little "brother" which was solid hard by now. We kissed and rubbed the liquid soap against each other naked bodies.It was a indescribable sensation.
I carried her in that wet condition to the bed and devoured her over aand over again.

BT i got to stop here as i have an uninvited guess now. Will email you the complete story later.

Part 3 (last):

Dear BT I am sorry for not emailing u my complete story earlier. U know BT it was heartaching to tell my story but i fee i must because it will help me rid the agony i have kept for all this time. Okey now i continue:

After that session in bed,we were very much more in love,knowing physically and emotionally we were made for one another.
As u may know i could not sleep well if i did not clarify with lily about her married lover. Since we were so much in love i dare ask her.
She told me she don't want to hurt me and so hide the affair.But seriously BT,lily wanted to end her relationship with her lover. Lily was sincere and told me how her affair with her lover started. She sobs as she told me of how she gave her virginity to that married man. I consoled her and told her to forget about the past and move on.
A year later we got married (ROM) and applied for a HDB flat. Meanwhile, we stayed with lily's older sister (Janet) at Bayshore Park. Jane was married and her husband was Jack. There were 4 of us in the condo. We were close to each other,often go out in foursome to eat,swimming,partying etc..Jack and Janet was in their early thirties. It was fun to have these incredible friends.
We were still waiting for our flat after staying with Janet for almost 1 year. We don't mind staying with J&J as they were fun ppl.
One night during the party for Janet's birthday when we were all drunk i was shocked to witness my darling lily and jack kissing each other passionately. Although i was high i could still observe things around me. I pretended to be asleep on the sofa but was watching them both. Suddenly jack unzipped his bermudas and pull out his cock and shoved it into my darling's mouth. Lily was bjing jack. I was very shocked and don't know what to do. A little later jack and lily went into the bedroom and shut the door.
I was left alone in the living room with janet my sis in law. Janet was high too and was fast asleep. Janet was real sexy and the thought of revenging what jack was doing to lily was in my mind.So i went over to Janet and caresses her long flowing hair. She responded and mumbled something i don't understand at all. I bent over and kissed her lips and it aroused me.
Janet woke up and stared at me in unbelief. "What are you doing?" was the first phrase she uttered. "shhh...they are having a nice time in your bedroom" was my answer. "What do you mean?" "who is having a nice time?" Janet asked me. "Jack is having sex with my wife,your sis"..i replied.
Without hesitation, janet ran to her bedroom door and opened it. After seeing them screwing all hell broke loose. Janet screamed and took a an empty bottle of whisky and smashed it on jack's head.
There was plenty of commotion and jack was bundled to a hosiptal where he had 10 stitches on his head.
To cut the story short, j & j was divorced shortly after the incident. Lily and i broke off and in the end we were also divorced.
I was not given the opportunity to have sex with janet that night. We all went seperate ways after that night incidence.
I found out much later on that even during our married days,lily still continue to have sexual affair with her married lover behind my back.
Today,I am a chief steward and happily married to a loving faithful wife who is not working but looking after our 2 cute little children.

That is my story BT. I am not saying all stewardess are like lily because i know of crew who are married to good faithful stewardesses wives.
Thank you for publishing my story.


Anonymous said...

Ah ya what's new.
There are a minority.
"So never judge a book by its' cover."
When finish eating, wipe your mouth clean.
The next day is another day.
And move on......

Anonymous said...

Must learn to wipe the mouth so no evidence. Not clever lah this lily.

Anonymous said...

cont frm earlier..
Junior crew, please, just stop complaining. I get my share of tough flts and tough people to work with too. But man up. This job will make u tougher in life. Trust me. Just remember to breathe. Tell yourself the flt will land and the door will open and that will b the end. Coy has made workin conditions tough enough. Dun make it tougher by promoting disunity. We only have each other overseas and onboard. U never know when u need the help of the person manning that cart with you.
Senior crew, leave your bitterness at home. You always tell us to b professional when we put our uniform on. Practise abit of humilty. We do not wake up telling ourself 'today i will break css susu rice bowl!' Sometimes u need to look at urself in the mirror before telling us to. Recent aviation disasters and death of our fellow colleagues(mostly because our job can b harmful due to radiation exposure and stressful) only teach us life is short. Cherish it with love, not hate.

Outsiders, your comments sometimes are irritating. But if it gives pleasure in your life to leave hateful comments about cabin crew, then by all means, carry on. You don't understand the things we go thru just by listening to stories of you friends or loved ones or just by reading the stories here. But again, its your life. If it gives u happiness, go ahead. Its irritating but it doesnt make a difference in my life unless ur comment have life virtues.

Not so junior after 6 years