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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Police dealing with abusive China women who spat and abused ex-IFS who is working for a Simei condo

Following the report by the condo security staff for illegal entry, the 2 women (purportedly from China)now shouted at a police officer and threatened to complain against him. The case started last weekend when one of the women supposedly a sister of another woman tenant at Simei Green condominium was refused entry by the security staff. It was reported that the woman was illegally staying with her sister.

More videos at this blog

Separately, the cabin crew cheered when they heard the ex-IFS was abused by the 2 China women. Below is a Whatsapp message I've just received.

Legend: Top 10 IFS means 10 most nasty,mean,unreasonable,fierce etc Inflight Supervisors "voted" by the junior crew.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that these two China women would dared do the same thing to their police officers or security staff back home in China? This is a living example of the FT, or foreign trash who are allowed to flood our shore, pollute our society and keep coming back. Just see how patient the police officer is.

Remember the woman who was caught climbing up the artistic rain drops as if she was scaling a mountain in brpoad daylight at Changi Airport? If this had taken place at Beijing Airport, she would have been shot on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Lol dont even know whether to laugh or cry at their behaviour. Now even threaten to complain the police officer.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they are not a new citizen nor a PR!
Disgusting!!! Are we going to sit back and allow FT,to abuse our men in uniform? Fine them heavily and sent them packing to where they come from!!!

Anonymous said...

CQ must have belittled the 2 ladies initially, he was arrogant and disliked by many during his flying days

Anonymous said...

No matter what that doesn't mean the two women could do this to him! Similarly, the red shirt guy had no rights to smack famous amos!

Anonymous said...

He had dreams of being promoted to be a CCE, and had a "I know it all, I have solutions to any problems "
Gave the impression that all below him are idiots

After leaving CC
Tried to be a trainer of sorts

Am not surprised that he can antagonise people who are not within his charge. People skills are absent.

He gets too technical and procedural.
Cannot function without a framework or manual.

Supervision required.

Anonymous said...

The above was an excellent appraisal of him !!! Look at his body language, the way he talked, and the way he panicked after kenna by the women ....please remind him he's got no backing now, not like in cabin crew.It was silly of him to remained there to be spat at.

Ronald Tan said...

The woman who climbed on the "rain drop" at changi airport for you information is not a PRC. Is a Vietnamese.

Dun dun accuse the PRC for everything.

Ronald Tan said...

Much like the one who pang sai in the open at bouna vista mrt was labelled as PRC also. Scully turned out is Singaporean.
please be responsible in the posting and do not spread anti foreigner sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Plz don anyhow accuse Singaporeans ):

Anonymous said...

That 'greatest god's gift to women' romeo has finally fallen, time to wake up my friend !!!