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Sunday, 2 August 2015

"Want us to work for 10 years? ...tan-ku lah or wait long long in Hokkien Chinese"

Flight Stewards/Stewardesses Gratuity

Completion of first 5-year contract - $10,000.
Completion of second 5-year contract - $25,000.
Completion of third 5-year contract - $2,500.

According to the gratuity above (CA of 2012), it would seem that a cabin crew is encouraged to work till the end of the second 5 year contract (10 years) whereby he/she would be paid the highest gratuity of $25,000.  To leave at the end of the third contract (15 years), the crew will be paid $2,500 and $10,000 for leaving at the end of the first contract (5 years).

I spoke to some crew and they pointed out that they would quit after their bond period of 18 months let alone finishing their first 5 year contract. The reasons given ranged from tight rosters to unreasonable management treatment.
When asked to clarify, some told me they had been on short as well turnaround flights most of the time. They often get called up from standby to replace those on medical leave for the low yield and "terok" or "jialat" flights. A low yield/terok/jialat flight means flight which does not pay attractive allowances as well as loaded with many paxs and plenty of hard work.
"Terok" is bad in Malay and "jialat"= backbreaking in Hokkien.

A few told me there are around 180 crew report sick everyday and 200 resigned every month. Some of the reasons given were the lower take home pay, the unreasonable treatment dished out to them, punitive management etc etc

If the crew daily MC rate is so high then cc is in a lot of trouble. I was also told there was no top up of crew when the pax load exceed certain number as agreed between the company and the union. Therefore, most of the flights operate with minus crew.

The morale of the crew is at all time low, I was told. A few told me they will resign as soon as their bond period is up. The crew who spoke to me were mostly junior crew.

I hope to interview the senior crew in the coming days or weeks and blog about it.


Anonymous said...

If cc are so eager to leave, why bother to pressure union to keep fighting for auto extension?
If its true cc cant wait to go, then they should pressue union to fight for gratuity after 1 year or no bond at all.
The real fact is a lot of cc 'pa see buay zao' cos they know they cmi in real world.

1 year flying junior said...

It is those seniors who want extension not us juniors.
SIA think we gean the gratuity pui pui! 10 k no big deal!

Anonymous said...

Then dont take the gratuity and donate to charity. All these jiat liao bees should be grateful

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:
Seriously, I also feel the juniors dont give a shit to the crappy gratuity. Many already have plans to leave and have their dreams to chase. I feel happy for them. Fighting for extension are really different ball game because our employment terms are different, mostly extension is only those seniors not on contract, dont say crew jiak liao bee must be not from CC. All along coy treat us like just a transaction, so the relationship remain as transaction is better, why bother to say much to correct crew or improve crew or motivate crew? Invite trouble only, when things happen , sick or injured did the coy support us?
How to work long and treat this as a career when:

1) work for 30 years until IFS pax in eycl when a pilot son sit in PCL?
2) work till 62 years old tell you 50k cannot take?
3) this whole career system is favoured to the Msians? (no need to explain more we all know why)
4) 7 years ago LHR allowance was $1200 , some LHR pattern now is $500+? Applies to many euro stations. How much was standard of living in SG 7 years ago compare to now?
5) SBCU all the lj flights who is doing the SFO? IAH? GRU? Many play volunteer flight, take childcare leave, flight request, sbcu long flight unless u are kaki.
6) MOM law says we can fall sick for 28 days, but in our coy we cannot fall sick one, 7 days or more get call back lim kopi. Only god wont fall sick.
7) the only time coy call you is when ask you why the pax complain or email you ask you explain why fall sick on public holiday..otherwise whether you exist or not coy also donno LOL
Even the leaders are not motivated, better do your own things, got flight go work earn money, plan to leave.....

Anonymous said...

It's not an easy job. It's not as if they didn't know when they first joined.

Anywya, lots of former and current IFS have shared with me hat it is the lousy crew who decide to leave. They are very grateful when those crappy ones go.

If you can't stand the heat, get outta kitchen, as the saying goes..

Anonymous said...

This is one of the easiest jobs around already! Work a few hours then rest a few days. For 5k. Try working outside before you make such comments.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

I think " work for a few hours rest for a few days" is really an understatement.
Dont mislead those that are going to join the airlines with this statement.
We got no weekends, no public holidays, and out of all the flights, ask yourself how many patterns are work a few hours rest a few days? When coy give us a 1.5 days rest, usually you are walking to LHR or JNB with overnight and GMT differences. Work few hours rest a few days maybe only applies to 345 which we no longer have....5k pay nowadays for non ranking cant even hit unless you COF. 5 years ago yes.
But then no right or wrong, this is just my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

A lot of young crew resigned Because they only use cc job as a stepping stone to other careers.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Have you been a cabin crew yourself? I'm in the aviation industry, my dear.

Use your brain lah. If it's that easy, the attrition rate wouldn't be that high.

Anonymous said...

What other career can cabin crew be a stepping stone? Taxi driver? Property agent? Security guard?
I applied for jobs ranging from bartender to nurse to librarian to banquet boy. Nobody gives a hoot about SIA and I cant even secure a job. Ended up working in warehouse and deliver pizza

Ex,x,x said...

Young girls are easily conned.
And its not the company thats doing the conning.

They have the perception that its a very glamorous job.
They think training school is just that... training only.
Then the shit hits the fan... when they go on solo.

Anyway, every job nowdays is tough.
It used to be easier in the past.. you could skive a little here & there.

Being a crew is worse becos, when you leave, what is the take away that you
can offer to your next employer? a can of coke? a blanket? chicken or fish?
Meanwhile all your classmates, would have had 2 years of experience working in
various roles in an office or other. They can write in their resume something that may attract their next interviewer.

The CA has been like this since I left 15 years ago.
Not surprising that things have not improved... instead has gotten worse.

Anonymous said...

As with many other people, i wake up at 6.30 am daily to start work at 8.30 am. I work all the way till 10 pm and reach home at 1130 pm. And the next day starts in 6h. All for 1.8k per mth. You still wanna kao peh and complain?

Anonymous said...

I have vwen a crww for 20 years! Attrition is high cos they think too highly of themselves and thought outside world is easy.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

well you earn 1.8k and you kaopeh, banglah that earn 1k per mth will point finger at you earn 1.8k still wannt kao peh and complain? You get it? LOL
If I am you , I will plan and leave this 1.8k job, maybe come join CC.

Anonymous said...

Attrition is high due to the current pay cut, lack of humanity shown by control as well as management. And the fact many of the younger crew is leaving is due to the lack of career advancement in this job. Even a promotion to leading position doesn't guaranty a pay increase, in fact it might be other way round. This job is a strange one, it almost seems the harder you work the lesser pay you get. For exact if the flight is delayed and arrival outstation is outside for example the period for breakfast allowance, the overall pay received by crew is lesser, ie; we get paid lesser for a longer flight time which doesn't make sense at all! Another classic example is doing a Perth layover and a Sydney layover, crew gets higher pay doing a Perth flight with shorter flight time. And lastly management is very discrete in giving allowances, the infamous formula to calculate allowances for crew is simply outdated. Is it according to hotel menu? Does the currency in the country affect? A Zurich layover allowance is probably around +580- for 2 days, but a simple meal in the hotel there can be up to 30sgd odd. A china layover on the other hand for 24hours can earn you approximately +350-, with meal probably 15sgd. The amount of ambiguity shown by the company is just too shady.

Something not talked about would be risk pay. I've never been one, but I'm wondering if workers working in shipyards has risk pay. If so, I believe crew should be entitled to one simply because of the amount of uncertainty we face, especially when it comes to turbulence. Even when one is injured during a turbulence, no sort of sympathy or compensation is ever given by the company, rather it is questions and questions from management. The public should know that there was a recent turbulence by SQ flight into Bombay whereby several crew were injured. And all the company did to cover this up was to issue them badges, simply because they knew the cabin crew could do nothing about it. If they ever tried to seek compensation from the company, it can backfire on them as SIA could simply certified them unfit for flight and request them to turn in their letter, and always hire new people, simple as that. This is the kind of world cabin crew are living in, how it feels like to work under a big organisation. It almost seem tantamount to corruption but that is the real world, the amount of power SQ has over crew. So to everyone dissing on crew leaving, the correct term used should in fact be escaping.

Anonymous said...

FYI i was from cabin crew for 17 years. I did not kao peh about my 1.8k , 14 hour job. I am asking you to stop kao peh about cabin crew job! About you complaining hard work, low pay, no public holidays no wekends etc. Be grateful and stop whining.
Klkk cbl 5k monthly cabin crew still wanna kao peh.

Anonymous said...

Well said. All these O level jiat liao bees think too highly of themselves and still wanna grumble and complain non stop. Ask them try working outside.
From what I gather, these people cant even stand a usual 9 to 5 training course at STC or a 9 to 4.30 SEP recurrent lor, let alone work a 12h shift 6 days a week.
Balls to cabin crew.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

good morning ex crew of 17 years ago, no wonder. Maybe you belong to the generation where you work LHR $1200 but your HDB flat only cost 150k. 17 years ago, taxi got 35% surcharge? Does your 4 room flat cost 500-600k? Maybe you dont face the uncertainty that I face. 5k now is not like 5k 17 years ago sir. You did not kaopeh 1.8k job because we are in different phase of life. If you think I should be grateful, then maybe you can encourage your son or future generations of grandchildren to just be contented with 1.8k and dont kpkb. Thank you

Anonymous said...

SQ seeks candidates with certain attributes to be employed as cabin crew.

- bleamish free complexions
- strong inclination to serve others
- good posture
- team player

Most of the attributes are physical while the emotive element is difficult to ascertain.
It is impossible for 90% of people to have 100% servitude all the time.
There comes a time when people need to be recharged to have that.

This is where the mismatch occurs. And they are not upfront about it.

I think if managers were to be very transparent and provide information about their
expectations, employees would be empowered and motivated appropriately.

Currently, its:

" We want you to serve each and every customer with 100% cheer and dedication to standards.
but we dont expect you to stay with us beyond 10 years. Along the way, we are not going to acknowledge your efforts either. Make a mistake and we will fire you. "

Lets not drag the union into this... they are just happy to feel they have some influence.
( they get an allowance too.. regardless of outcomes )

Anonymous said...

Lol to the minions who asked me use my brain lolol : got jobs lah why u all don't hv meh? Got degree and other skills and creative juices mah. If udh then gg lor.

Anonymous said...

When SQ hire new CC's do they hire for long term or for short term. If the answer is long term balls to them. Ever 2-3 months they have interviews every 2-3 months a large number of people leave. Something is very wrong with this company as the turn overs to very high.
instead of wasting good money, time and space on training new recruits every 2-3 months they should have just used that money to improve the welfare of the current CC's they have, but rather they would blow more holes in their financial accounts. Sq maybe rich but their high liquidity financial state wont be like that for long.
As ignorant as SQ is at its current state in not able recognizing who are the good ones to hire, who are the good ones to keep.
FUBAR (F**k up beyond recognition) to SIA just look at the juniors they are hiring now more like bozo the clown, and that is why SQ has the gull to put out these ridiculous management crap onto everyone's a$$ which is effecting current and new CC's.
Management mentality is eat less work more. Iam happy the ME airlines are coming up and everyday they are eclipsing SQ until SIA becomes nothing more than a shadow of its self and when that day happen the dumbbells on top will then relies how stupid their ways of running the company is. BRAVO SQ BRAVO...

Anonymous said...

Notice that ground staff are seldom terminated
Notice too that CCE,AM are never terminated either.

They need experienced people to do rosters
They need experienced people to write email to get crew to kowtow.
They need experienced people to investigate crew jumping queues

Looks like ground staff jobs are much more secure... canteen food daily.
They can even afford cars too... and pay for the staff car park.
Nobody gets warning, letters, demerit points, standby call up.. etc.

Productive lives sorting out VR and screwing up people's rosters.

Anonymous said...

Since u envy them, why dont you apply to be one of them? Chwee gong lan pa song

Anonymous said...

In actual fact a number of cabin crew decided to be part of ground because its a iron bowl job. Whereas cabin crew is like a used codom use once and trow out later