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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Another adverse comment on the inflight service, this time from a business class pax

i was traveling on SIA Business Class from Frankfurt to Sgp & there were like 10 pax in B-Cl. During an "off-peak" period, I asked for a glass of warm water from a stewardess when she was strolling around. After 30mins, i have yet to receive my water. So i went to the galley and saw her chatting there with her colleagues. I casually & politely asked for my glass of water and fetch it back myself. 

Yes she did apologies for forgetting my request. No, i didn't make a complain, i just accepted it. So it doesn't matter how many pax or crew the flight has. Maybe?

Gone were those days where Cabin crew work with a passion.

BT: Is the above a one-off or a frequent occurrence these days?


Anonymous said...

Seems like a frequent occurance, heard similar stories from family and friends

Anonymous said...

The calibre of cabin crew sia has is way below standard. Need to kick them in the butt.

Anonymous said...

Service is the reason why I do not choose SIA anymore. As much as I want to support my own, the service do not anymore justify the high tix price. Now I travel with Qatar, Emirates and Cathay who gives very good service at a lower pricing.
My last on board SIA was 2 years ago. I had crew who do not smile, crew who forgot my drink order and the best I saw a crew who rolled her eyes right after turning away from the passenger. Other flights, I have a China crew who do not understand my drink order and just gave me a blank look, and another where I had to ask 3 times for a blanket before the crew came back to me half hour later(it was not a full flight).
Enough of that. Ain't gonna pay high price for such sub standard service anymore. And with a majority of plain Jane stewardesses it has now, there's nothing nice for the eyes to see anymore. The SIA girl has lost her charm...

Anonymous said...

The service standard of the cabin crew very much depends on the competency of the IFS.

Anonymous said...

Haha looks like I wasn't the only one.. Why does SIA still stubbornly choose people from FT like China or Indonesia when their English fluency is not that high up to standards?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The service standard of the cabin crew very much depends on the competency of the IFS.


You make the IFS sound like God.

Anonymous said...

The obvious reason why SQ heavily on FT's is because of their looks, come on let be frank here FT women in SQ are better looking than the locals. However most FT cant speak a shred of good decent English which at times is FUBAR (F**k up beyond recognition). For SQ looks comes first brains later. Hard truths thats why the standards have fallen ignorant SQ.

Anonymous said...

SIYOW (stop inventing your own words) like fubar pls. TMAU (totally meaningless and useless). What does A in fubar means then?
Cico, maas, sep, pfs, bdeep, acao..

I am FUGLY said...

Pretty girls = dumb brain
Ugly girls = smart brain
Pretty girl + smart brain = girl not joining SQ.

SQ wants pretty girls so that there is no rebellion.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT,
I am the writer of that particular "encounter" and thank you for posting my comments. Didn't think you will make a topic out of this.

Anyway, in response to your question. There were many other similar poor services i encounter but i've related that experience to the issue of lesser crew = poor service post.

I have clocked above 1M miles to date on SQ (no intentions to brag) and yes, i have experience ugly/moronic passengers (incl Ang-mo) as well, eg. pax (sg couple) changing baby diapers (~1yr baby & maid seats in Eycl) in Jcl cabin just before lunch meal svc. Hiaz....

p.s. i remembered seeing stories about some snr foreign crew (KFSS/JFSS) in your one of blogs many yrs ago. May i know where i can find them??

Boh Tong said...

Thank you for your comment. I can't recall the post except this one

Looking forward to your participation in this blog.