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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Complimentary and complaint letters from "passengers"

CS (chief steward) Jim had been habitually writing complimentary letters to the company about himself. He would use the identities of his passengers when writing those letters. Worst still, he would write letters of complaints against his colleagues to make sure they would be out of the promotion competition.
One staff in the office who was in charged of vetting those letters felt uncomfortable about Jim receiving such large number of compliments. He took all those letters and checked them and found that all Jim's letters were written by one and the same person. The office narrowed it down to Jim being the writer of those complimentary letters.
The office people were also shocked to find that Jim was the same person who wrote so many complaint letters about his colleagues work performances.
Jim was eventually fired!
Jim's story happened during my time but recently there was another "Jim". This crew wrote half a dozen complimentary letters using passengers' identities about his "excellent service".
Just like Jim he was fired too.

Complimentary letters from passengers regarding a crew's performance is highly prized. These letters also carry a lot of weight for job promotion. Every year, crew with high number of complimentary letters will be rewarded with other perks besides job promotion.
Therefore, it is only natural for the crew to get as many compliments as possible.