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Friday, 16 October 2015

Don't ask wrong, asked also cannot

In 2006, SIA cabin crew management wrote to me:

"We will like to bring to your attention that you are using Singapore Airlines (SIA) logo and associated images without our knowledge and consent. This is viewed by Singapore Airlines as an infringement of copyright.....

However, as the postings on your website do not represent our company’s views, we request that you remove the SIA logo and all associated images from your website immediately...."

And just recently (September 2015) I wrote and asked for permission to use one of the images as a header for this blog and the following was the reply from SIA Public Affairs :

"We refer to your request to use an image of the Singapore Girls at NDP 2015 as the header in your blog. 

Singapore Airlines has strict guidelines governing the use of our images. We regret that we are not able to allow the use of our product images in your blog...."

BT: What say you my readers?


Anonymous said...

Snobbish that what it is!

Anonymous said...

Not only a snob but mean too. Just look at the way its employees are treated

Anonymous said...

My hunch is, if you continue to use it, their Legal Department will send a cease and desist letter. If you continue, it will result in a legal suit. This letter, and a subsequent cease and desist letter by their Legal Department is paving the way for legal proceedings in a sense that, when it goes to Court, SIA will argue that you have been given notice on at least X number of times. Do note that SIA probably registered their trade mark overseas as well.

Boh Tong said...

Ya that's why I've removed all images of SQ earlier on. This time I've asked permission to
use only one of the images but was declined. The current header picture was from a website that allow people to use their images without copyright infringement.

Anonymous said...

In short, they are asking you dont use their logo and dont post amything about them. Its just telling you directly or indirectly, rudely or politely. The point they wanna deliver to you is simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Also, should you use their logo again, they will not send you any warning. They will commence legal proceedings without further reference and this is supported by your request to use one of their logo for which they declined. This provide them with evidence that you acknowledge that SIA is the owner of such IP rights.

Anonymous said...

I would had thought, with your years of services in SQ then, you would know better. No point crying 'wolf' just because they rejected your request.

Anonymous said...

Yah... despite your "inside" knowledge acquired through 30 years,
it would be obvious that they will never support any idea that did not originate from
SVP's toilets.

Unless you offer them a cut of your fees, traffic revenue... even then they will turn up their noses.

Anonymous said...

Bullying tactics as long as they cant stop u on posting anything regarding about SQ your safe, just dont use their images since they are over protective.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the Anon above, as long you don't use their images and logo you're fine to blog about SQ stories..

Anonymous said...

why would premium airline like sq would want
to associates itself with kucing kurap blog?